Monday, March 23, 2009


In a sea of people that make their way from house to house, block to block, state to state, province to province, country to country, and continent to continent, there is one person that is perfect for you. There are several people that fit into your criteria and meet all of your standards but there is one person out of those several people that you may or may not choose (that's how it should be/used to be anyway!) The idea of this is crazy to me, today we are able to break love down into a scientific formula, we are able to pinpoint the part of the brain that makes us love, we have a name for the chemical released when you see, speak to, hear, smell, touch that person. Love is no longer a magical concept it is a science ... or is it. The idea that one person can make you feel that way, that one person can trigger your brain to produce enough dopamine to make you hyper, giddy, unable to eat, drink, sleep, or talk straight is still magical. So I'm sure most people have these stories, the times when they met the person that made them high! This may or may not work BUT you should share your story because the next script I'm writing is about this very concept, the idea of love vs. science and the magic that still exist between the two. Each experience will give me insight into other views, theories, thoughts, failures, in love, science, and magic.

SIDEBAR: The picture is just inspirational to me, it lifted my writers block!