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It's like a commercial for cult robes if you watch it without sound!

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So today my plane got REALLY delayed to the point where i couldn't take it. I'm ridiculously poor and was starving no money and hours drive from home and and 8 hour fly from Nebraska. So I call my fried Kyle (my editor) and say "Hey, can I stay at your place tonight?" He hoped on the highway right away, picked me up, bought me dinner (whatever I wanted,) hung out, let me stay at his place, and is taking me to the airport tomorrow. That is a FRIEND and it took me to get to my lowest to realize that he ad Josh were two of my best friends! I'm still poor but I'm happy to know that I'm not alone anymore!

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iPhone's dead use the 402 number.

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Started today and I don't feel Christmas at all, there's like this rush right now, I'm moving AGAIN, finishing three movies, writing two others, and doing budgets for a couple on the side. There was this lull in the middle of the day, I was in my car with my homey Kyle (my editor) and it was completely silent. For the past six months he and I have been making hour trips to LA and Ventura to meet, edit, and brainstorm. In that silence I looked over to him and said "Man, I'm relaxed." I haven't felt like that in months, I'm up till 7am working on something, wake up somewhere between 10am and 2pm and go, go, go! When you spend time with your family this season be sure to make them and their company your gift to yourself, don't answer your phone at dinner or flick on the television during a group storytelling session (which often turns into hilarious family jokes) just take it in and remember "Where ever two or three are gathered together in my name I am in there midst." (Matthew 18:20.)


SO, just got back from TELECINE and am remembering that you guys don't know about my new accomplishment, I GOT INTO THE SANTA BARBARA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL God is good right! It's a tier two festival and is quickly rising to tier 1. Films like Sideways premeired there and now so is my short film Silence of the Mimes. I have to say honestly it's not my favorite piece of work and hopefully everyone will like "Counter Space" and "The Gregory Id" even more, but it's official, I'M A DIRECTOR!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Headed home on Monday, excited to see my family, excited to go snowboarding, not excited to be in Nebraska. I remember when my sister moved to Pennsylvania she would complain about how she was never going to be able to find friends and yada, yada, yada. I was 13 or something like that, there were more girls to be found in Pennsylvania so HECK YES I was ready (no girls happened by the way.) Then I moved to Nebraska, my sister coped pretty well... REALLY WELL actually, she was a cheerleader, went to homecoming, prom, graduated a year early, and this time I was the lame duck.

I'm gonna be emotional -- this doesn't happen so take it in, read the words slowly so that you can savor the taste of my emotional vomit (GROSS!) I was like the COOLEST kid at my school in PA everyone knew me and liked me and laughed at my jokes. I didn't party much but I didn't need to because everyone respected the fact that I wasn't into the whole scene so we would go out to the movies or dinner or play video games. Then I had church friends -- LIKE FRIENDS -- people who believed what I believe, challenge themselves, liked what I liked, joked and played and BLAH BLAH BLAH. I was happy, ridiculously happy, ridiculously popular, and I was attractive (I realized this recently girls thought I was cute I was just afraid to talk to them -- all those crushes wasted on fear HAHA) Then I moved to Lincoln. I missed my senior class trip, my trip to Italy, my prom (which is a story of rejection in itself AH) and became a nobody, people didn't know me or talk to me for like the first 3 months, I don't know how to explain how lonely that is. Then I met a couple guys who were cool until they started doing things I didn't like to do and cool turned into me being a loner again. Then I started working where I met some great people, but still not FRIENDS -- if you know friends and then you know FRIENDS you know what I mean.

I like to stick on my move to Nebraska a lot, I think about it all the time, and people say get over it and I tell myself "Dude there's nothing you can do now," but as I sit here I realize that I'm lonely because of that move. I'm not an open person and I don't think I want to be anymore, I don't have real FRIENDS right now and I miss it, I'm lonely and as cool as God is, his football skills are non existent when I want to chuck the pigskin around (I did say pigskin) I can't hear him laugh when I watch a movie, I don't get to talk to him about the hot girl that walked by. I miss hanging out with FRIENDS and I could use a few in my life.

And since I'm being honest I've tried to have civil conversations about this subject but it seems like people don't understand. DON'T TELL ME I NEED TO GO TO CHURCH TO FIND FRIENDS just because I haven't gone lately doesn't mean I haven't gone while I've been here. I've been to 3 different churches multiple times in the past 2 years searching for a body who is open and understanding. I have gone to places where no one says a word to you DURING THE MEET AND GREET SECTION OF THE SERMON, in fact they reached PAST me to the person in the pew behind me, I've been to churches where, when you say hi, the people turn the other direction, REALLY I'M TIRED OF CHURCH AND CHRISTIANS and if it sounds like an excuse KICK ROCKS -- I'M TIRED OF YOU TOO -- don't judge me or my choices and think you understand from the other side of the nation I blog because I don't like to talk to people which means I probably haven't expressed enough to anyone for them to understand my issues with stuff, especially church, I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PEOPLE WHO AREN'T REAL, WHO SAY ONE THING AND DO ANOTHER, WHO REPRESENT GOD IN UNLOVING WAYS, AND WHO JUDGE ME FOR NOT BEING IN CHURCH if I don't feel loved and accepted in CHURCH -- THEN I'LL STAY IN BED AND REST ON THE SABBATH YA' DIGG (and just for people who think this means I like to sleep in I AM UP FOR SCHOOL, MOVIE SHOOTS, AND I WOKE UP AND WAS READY TO GO WHEN IT CAME TIME TO VOTE, in fact I PAID FOR A PLANE TICKET AND FLEW BACK HOME!)

There, I'm done being emotional (angry which hides another emotion which is vulnerability, frustration, and disappointment) and I'm also done having civil conversations about my issues with church -- you wanna ask I will tell without the polite censor on my mouth.


HAROLD HAS BEEN DEVELOPED, JUST PICKED UP THE FILM TODAY! (left) Just finished writing my short entitled "Watch Shock Therapy" its an offbeat romantic comedy and I'm finishing "Agnito Arbor" a feature that is also an offbeat romantic comedy.

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Bad president, nice dude -- give the guy a break.

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Mixing room...GORGEOUS I KNOW!

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Because Nebraska was terrible -- that's the short answer. I have no problem with the church, with the body of Christ, but I do have a problem with church, the establishment. I believe that the church is open to change in all ways, that it is not a tree rooted deep in the soil unwilling to budge but it is a feather in the wind blown by the holy spirit. Now if you haven't been paying attention to the world lately, God is getting a pretty bad rap for being up tight, unsympathetic, and mean, and if you've ever been to one of those churches that is not the body but an establishment, you know why.

Now I blame it on Nebraska because while I was in the bible belt I met a bunch of "christians" who were ritualistic, not that they didn't believe but they weren't challenging themselves. When you get to the point in your faith where you can say I'm comfortable you can expect your world to take a drastic turn, and the question shouldn't be am I going to move when God pushes me, it is where am I going to go.

When my Dad said to me, "Jordan, this is your chance, do you think we should do this?" I said "Your going to do what your going to do." I MEAN COME ON SERIOUSLY HE KNEW I DIDN'T WANT TO MOVE and he knew that I wasn't going to say no, we'd had conversations about that situation for months on end. SO WHY DID I GO, because if I didn't God was going to Jonah me and I'd wind up in the stomach of some fishlike obstacle, did I like it? No. Did I learn? Yes. (Do I care if I learned? We won't go there.) I came out of Nebraska with a way better understanding of how people work, think, and act, and if I hadn't let God do that the lesson wouldn't be there.

I say this because one day God is going to ask you if you did what he asked and when you look at him and answer your going to want to be able to say yes, regardless of how, frustrating, exciting, or impossible the situation was.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Good stories aren't as funny to tell so this will be a little short. I was turning 12, we lived in Connecticut and my mom took me out to McDonald's for my birthday, that was most definitely a treat back in the day (they wouldn't let me put salt on my French Fries STUPID!) But she and I got some food and I would get like a number one and she would get a hamburger happy meal with nothing on the hamburger, whatever that tastes like, and we both got a coke and IT WAS GOOD COKE (COCA COLA PEOPLE GEEZE!) Like the kind that tickles in your throat when you drink it, so we had this thing from then on where if the coke was good we would tickle our throat (I feel so wack telling this story.) To this day I still do that and it reminds me of my mom. THERE WOMAN ARE YOU HAPPY -- I'm kidding I love you.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here's the story: I was about 10 and I was starting to come into my own, my words were an untapped gold mine, a plethora of emotion was at my disposal, so what did I start doing, I started swearing, it seemed like such a great way to express my true emotions, me real excitement or dislike for something. One day my best friend told my sister that I swore and my sister told my mom and my mom played a game. " JORDAN ARE YOU SWEARING?"
"SPEAK UP!" she yelled.
"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!" I looked over at her and smoke stacks were billowing from her ears. What are you supposed to do in that situation, swear in front of your mom, it's a trap (women are good at them -- that was a joke, but I'm not kidding.) So I said:
"THAT'S ALL?!" she was getting angrier, like she needed me to swear at her so I could fuel her fire.
"Ass..." The car jerked off the road and into the parking lot of the Jewish Synagogue, thinking back on it, she planned that. I am terrified at this point, my mom gets out of the car and I look back at my sister in hopes that she's laughing and I can give her a look that will bring her tattling tail down a couple notches BUT SHE WAS ALREADY CRYING -- TERRIFIED -- we were both in the same boat.
The door flew open and my mom grabbed me by the arm, yanked me out of the car (I still have bruises--KIDDING), and knelt down in front of me.
"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" she said quietly but sternly, that's the worst kind of reprimand.
"Hell" WHAP, she slapped me in the face.
"WHAT ELSE?" She must be joking!
"Ass." WHAP! another one, same cheek, ruthless. I started crying and my sister started banging on the window.
"NO MOMMY STOP IT!" Alex's muffled screams leaked through the car window.
"If Jesus lives in your heart there should be no room for words like that -- okay?" I nodded my head, my mom gave me a hug, "get in the car." That's all I remember.
I've never been a bad kid, like even today I am afraid to make mistakes because of situations like that, and it kind of sucks. I have been spending my life afraid of what other people thought about me and how that was going to effect my family, like every time I went out my parents said "Remember you're representing the Riggs family, there are always people watching you"
I would say, "like who?"
"We have eye's everywhere" they would respond. DO YOU KNOW HOW TERRIBLE THAT IS HAHA! Well it's funny now but then, not fun at ALL I would be petrified. So I say this because I do swear and it is a way for me to express my true emotions, how I really feel, and it's kind of like my first rebellion (PITIFUL RIGHT?!) because it's not a sin, I'm not cursing anyone, I don't use God's name in vein, I express my emotions, and SO WHAT IF I DID, you know people use Jesus to show you how bad of a person you are and I try my best to live like Christ but everyone makes mistakes, and that's why we're human, because we make mistakes, and guess who will LOVE you no matter what, Jesus. I'm not saying go out and get wasted, screw a bunch of random people, get all coked out, and die, I'm saying don't live in fear, because that is not the spirit God gave us, he gave us a spirit of power, a spirit of love, and a sound mind, so use those!

2 Chronicles 32:7 - Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed...

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...was a child actor, crazy right? EMPIRE OF THE SUN!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Adam had a sick little wish list and I realized sometimes it's just fun to say what you want out loud even if you know you can't have it this year...or ever.

1. A new car (Mini Cooper)
2. A director's viewfinder.
3. $40,000 to make a short film
4. A whole new wardrobe (I finally got my style together, and while I am fly regardless now I can be twice that)
5. A trip to Europe
6. A sit down with Kanye West in hopes of shooting his next music video (All I need is a sit down, I'm that good)
7. In this place I would write a year's worth of free gas BUT GAS IS $1.87 never thought I'd see the day THANKS GEORGE BUSH FOR RUINING OUR ECONOMY! YAY!
8. A meaningful date with world renowned super model Adriana Lima (left.)
9. A job out of college
10. And a get out of debt free pass!

Well we'll see what God can do, in the meantime, I've got a pretty BAD ASS family (pardon my French, sometimes thats the only way you can describe something you love so much) JESUS, LOVE, and a little bit of LUCK, that's all you need right? .........RIGHT!

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Helping shoot their music video on Friday, here's a pic from their fundraising event. DELMAR IS THE BAND NAME -- THEY ARE REALLY GOOD!


Coloring the movie.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Have you had that feeling where you finally know what you're supposed to do. Film is like a hit or miss, you make it or you die trying, and I didn't really understand it when people would ask if my parents supported my decision to make movies but after 2 and a half years of college I know! The past few months I've really been struggling with the fact that I have loans to pay back, I want to get married, have kids, and I need a job that will support that and you always hear "trust in God," that saying makes me laugh, not because it's not true, but because it's easier said than done.

You can say, "I trust you God," and you still lie awake at night wondering how to get by, the bible says "let not your heart be troubled" HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT when I am going to be a broke artist with a BA in film and video production this time next year.

Well I don't trust God completely yet, I don't have monstrous faith, but I am beginning to realize that you will have doubts and sleepless nights but regardless God takes care of his sheep, he is the good Shepard, and he sits at the right hand of the father (which means his will is God's will) and regardless he will take care of his homies.

I say all this because as I sit here tonight God is speaking to my situation, first of all he is letting me know it's not that big a deal, it'll be okay, I have family and friends that love and support me but more importantly God has BIG plans for me. My mom used to tell me that and I just took it as a mother thing but as I get older and realize who God put me in this world to be God has showed me that this was no joke. God has given me knowledge and happiness and peace and imagination and skill and hope and light and hunger and yearning and a passion for making movies, and I sit up sometimes and have visions of these films, they play in front of my eyes. I listen to professional writers talking about how difficult it is to write and I can write a solid 120 page script in a night. I listen to established film makers talking about how you need at least $100,000 to make a legitimate movie and I did it with $2,000 and I realize none of it is me.

When God placed me in my mother's womb he blessed me, he gave me a purpose and he gave me his protection and he gave me passion and it's not for cookie cutter messages, it's, in all things that I do, speak, blog, write, make movies, play, work, for the person who needs to know that God is provocative, he is a ruler, a father, a friend, a leader a powerful being who is so much more than a glowing man with a long white beard, he is law, he is justice, he is love, he is peace, he is with us and fighting for us, and he is ALL MIGHTY! All the power the universe can muster is the power of our father in heaven, and this is the message that God has given me in my heart, like words breathed in flame lining my soul, and it may sound crazy and it may be crazy but it is my purpose, to tell the world and if I do that God will bless me beyond my wildest imagination, he will protect me from the evils of the world, and introduce me to the love in people, and show me his works at play in our lives.

We are called to do a CRAZY and OUTRAGEOUS duty, to proclaim Jesus as our Savior, and it sounds embarrassing or stupid or small when you say it but when you see it, when you feel the pain in peoples hearts, the hate in peoples words, the gradual softening of the warriors heart you realize this is a war and we are solders who are failing to fight positively and correctly and we are slowly being over come. But there is a new generation of believer, and I know because I have met them, people who don't believe the way they are taught by man, people who love Christ and go to him directly for their answers, this is the generation that will shed Christ's light and I am proud to have met these people and shared with them and learned from them and I can only hope that God will continue to bring those types of people into my life.

That went on far longer than I thought but it's truth, John talks about the spirit of truth coming, and I believe we are in a time in which we will see more and more of that truth as lies and deceit begin to become more prevalent.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving with the homies

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Raining outside, THIS NEVER HAPPENS -- IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY, not today though YAY!


Jesus talks in riddles, he is the riddler. Listened to the book of John on tape yesterday (AMAZING) and that man never just says stuff -- he makes you have to think about his words -- if I lived back then and was talking to this guy who clammed to be the Messiah I would get so frustrated, not only because he talks in riddles but because he's ALWAYS RIGHT! Have you ever read something and as you read it, it stimulates your mind and makes you want to be a better person but you don't quit know what to do about it yet because it's confusing to you (i.e. science) that's how Jesus' words made me feel, he would answer stuff in ways that would give multiple interpretations but it could only be said in one way (I'm tripping out) NOT TO MENTION JESUS -- SINCE JESUS IS REAL OUR LIVES ARE LIKE THE MATRIX -- THERE ARE REAL SUPER HEROES like when your a kid people say there is no such thing as a ghost -- MAYBE NOT but demons and the devil and angels and God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit ALL REAL! Walking on water: TOTALLY POSSIBLE FLIGHT: YOU BETCHA PRECOGNITION (PROPHECY): HECK YES SON! We just haven't tapped into it yet, not to mention the really faithful ones can MOVE MOUNTAINS! OK that's me tripping I'm done.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Is over, did you know that one of the signs of a migraine is a craving for sweet or salty things and depression, that's why I've been getting so fat and sad lately. OH YEAH AND PAIN! WELL it's over now and I'm a happy, healthy, camper!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Making music for the movie


One of my favorite documentaries, "War Dance" is a must watch.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


1. That my interview tomorrow goes well, and I like the job.
2. That I find a new place to live with people that make me a happier person.
3. A really good friend that lives here in California that I can communicate with and have fun with and blah blah blah

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Time to find a new place...room mates moving out with no one to replace him so it looks like I'm off once more (McCain) my friends.


Monday, November 17, 2008


Absolutely spectacular. Despite the excessive use of music and the somewhat confusing screenplay "James Bond: Quantum of Solace" exceeded all expectations. In this film we see a new side of bond in which the director, Marc Forster, displays his mastery of visual story telling to deliver a non-stop edge of your seat thrill ride, that keeps you wanting more until the very end. Not only is Daniel Craig arguably the best Bond to date, he also displays a very human side of the normally simple, womanizing, british secret service agent. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Last night I shot a film (ON FILM amazing I know) about a guy who makes out with a girl in a severe case of mistaken identity. Right now the film is entitled Harold, but that seems to plain, if you have any other suggestions let me know and I will use the good one. Pictures coming soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is why I like Captain DaFeira:

The album Devine machines is an in depth look at what religion has become in the world through the eyes of someone who was raised a devout Catholic and is now learning what faith means to him and at the same time he is introducing a newer style of music. The songs tell a story starting with Father Machine and ending with Divine Machine, now this is not the only album it is a three part series and if you look at it like a movie it's like listening to the Matrix. The first movie talks about the machines who represent our religious leaders. Father Machine is the original who produces all other machines, there is a machine called gabrielle who is part human that inseminates the world's woman and is the only way to produce life. There are a bunch of other machines as well but you have to listen to the album and study it. So you may be asking who's telling the story well i the next two albums which have yet to be released we learn that there is a Space Pirate who became immortal after a bomb exploded in Hiroshima and launched himself into space and now looks down on the Earth. This is just a taste of what the whole album is about but if you pay attention and do some research there's a bunch of hidden stuff. Now this is the exciting part sister, this guy is scoring my movie for free! SO TAKE A LISTEN and enjoy or not, whatever.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The best new director in town!


Are my favorite people to talk to, because they spend their whole lives raising us and teaching us right from wrong and for once the younger generation gets to watch while their parents, grandparent's, other family, and friends for whatever reason(s) take the "plunge" (a word often used by the previous generation to describe the engaging in an exciting event) into the world of online communication.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Captain DaFeira

New kid on the block: CAPTAIN DaFEIRA...amazing music -- check it out:http://www.myspace.com/captaindafeiramusic

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Has a sick new outlook to life, this is his about me:
"My life is about a constant journey discovering what living is all about. Many people go their whole lives not knowing what is out there. I want to explore the depths of the human heart, the corners of the earth and the unconditional love that a mysterious God gives abundantly. In the words of Mike Yaconelli, I want to use the last breaths of this crazy roller coaster of a life to utter 3 finals words, "what a ride"... So hold on, and if you're brave enough hold both your arms high in the air... let the adventure begin..."

Yeah he's a cool guy, check out his blog: http://adamflora.com/
Hope you don't mind buddy.

Friday, November 7, 2008


"God is great, God is good, let us thank him for this food..." We learn this prayer at a young age and we pray it ritualistically until we are about 6 at which time we decide it is uncool to pray and we get shy in front of the adults when they ask us to bless the food. I found myself praying over my lunch, and this is what I said "Dear God thank you for this day, thank you for everything I've done today, bless this food and help it to be good." I stopped. Help it to be good? What was I saying. I prayed that prayer over my food in my head since I was about 10. This was my chance to thank God for the food I was about to eat and I was praying a prayer I'd been praying since I was 10.
While sitting at the kitchen table I realized that a lot of times we pray because we have been praying our entire life, we pray before bed, before meals, and in church. The idea of prayer has been lost in religious rituals and cookie cutter christian ideals. I believe the greatest example of prayer is that of the Psalmist (for example Psalm 123, go read it.) If we prayed with this kind of fervor who's to say God wouldn't lift a mountain out of the ground and place it in a new location, who's to say we couldn't walk on water, or end world hunger, or bring peace to the world. If we prayed like God was listening, and we truly believed that God would be faithful, we would see how our prayer is effecting our lives.
I think that when we pray with intent and have faith, God will open our eyes and he shows us his intervention in our lives. Prayer is always answered it's just not always the answer you would like. I've often heard God will answer "yes, no, or maybe" but I believe God is much smarter than three words. My challenge to you is to (for at least a week) pray like you've never prayed before whether it be at the dinner table, in church, or before you go to bed, and trust that God will show himself while you are praying and in his answer. I believe that if you do this the term "answer to prayer" will take on a whole new meaning.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm still stoked! Today I was at a student counsel meeting where we voiced our opinion on how the economy is effecting our school causing budget cuts, staff cuts, facility cuts, and equipment cuts. I was surprised to find that I wasn't the only black student at the function. Tonight I realized that rappers, athletes, and the local dope boy are no longer the role models for todays black children, TODAY we have a black president who will set the standard for a more educated, cause driven, powerful group of African Americans. I don't know how else to explain it other than saying that being educated is no longer being white, or an uncle sam, or an oreo it is now a place of power where being well spoken means that you are striving to do more for your life, not forgetting your roots. GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES, President Barack Hussein Obama and his family along with the rest of America are in my prayers.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I was sleeping on the plane on and off and kept finding myself in these dreams unable to distinguish between reality and imagination. I remember dosing off and hearing vividly 300! I remember seeing Obama give a speech, and I remember watching people in front of their televisions. When I woke up the pilot announced that Obama had won and had 300 electoral votes. When I got off the plane I passed crowds of people standing in front of computer monitors, TV's and radios listening and watching the coverage and when I got home I watched Obama's acceptance speech. I am proud to call myself a American. I don't know about you but as a black man in America I have never felt like anything was possible until today. Today I know that anyone can do anything regardless of your race, creed, religion, or middle name. This is historic and I challenge everyone to really examine themselves and think hard about what they want to accomplish in life and then GO DO IT! Put in the work and get out there and make it happen because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, including a black man becoming the 44th President 44 years after the civil rights act was passed!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I really hope you voted before you checked your blog!

Monday, November 3, 2008



I have butterflies!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


John McCain is a patriot that deserves all the respect that can given to a man who served his country the way he did. He is to be commended for his ability to reach over party lines and fix problems, and his attempt to help the economy by suspending his presidential race shows just how much he loves his country and its people.



Are you ready? I hope you've been practicing your early morning routine, clocking the fastest root to the polls, ironing and re-ironing your Barack Obama "HOPE" shirt, I know I have.

Friday, October 31, 2008


I don't care who your voting for just do it and for the right reasons. I'm flying home tomorrow! That's a lie I do care who you vote for--OBAMA 08 BARACK THE VOTE BARACK THE VOTE BABY BARACK THE VOTE AND TIP THE VOTE OVER!

McCAIN vs. OBAMA plus a guest appearance!

It gets so good, just stick with it!

Prop 8

The other day I read that Apple is publicly denouncing Prop 8 which takes away the rights of gay people. I wasn't going to say anything about it, but after a ride into LA with two friends who share my views on the situation my hand was forced. Should gay people be allowed the same rights as straight people. I do not think that being gay is in any way shape or form something that was originally planned when God created the world, but neither was lying, cheating, stealing, pornography, and much more. My friend said it best "God doesn't force us to do things he gives us a choice, why should the government be any different." America has turned gay rights into a religious matter when in actuality it is a civil rights issue. By telling gay people they are not allowed to do the same things straight people do you are telling them they are abnormal, and while some sins may "weigh heavier on the soul" as my friend Josh said, it doesn't mean that we haven't all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
If Prop 8 is passed it won't make people stop being gay, it also won't effect me in any way because I'm not gay, it will effect, however, the large group of homosexual people who have loving relationships with their spouses, who have children that rely on both of their parents, and the group of people who know they are homosexual but do not want to admit it in fear of being ridiculed, bullied, and sometimes even hurt. Again with the bible-slapping! In your faith and walk with Christ remember to be humble and loving, because when it comes down to it we are supposed to be like Christ who loved unconditionally and he was the only man that was blameless in the eyes of God.

Important Verses:
John 8:7
1 Corinthians 13:4-7
1 John 4:16
Psalms 18:27
Psalms 25:9


I just decided to be Flavor Flav! I need a New York now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


"One nation under God..." This line has caused a lot of drama over the past few years and I don't like to talk about stuff I don't have a solid viewpoint on, I just nod and act like I care about what the other person says, but I've finally come to a conclusion about this subject. Should God be allowed school? -- NO and yes! You're children have the right to say anything they want but the school, the administration DOES NOT! The VERY OLD CHRISTIAN MEN who founded this country created the idea of separation of church and state for a reason. America is a place where anyone should feel comfortable despite their religious affiliation. God is God but we need to be humble and understanding towards those who don't believe the same. No one ever brought a person to Christ willingly by "bible slapping." When we argue so hard for God to be incorporated into school we are doing nothing but pushing others away and they don't like it at all.
Schools have time before and after hours in which children can meet for prayer or bible study, your home is a place in which your kids can have friends over to discuss the bible and at this venue you can be there to supervise and listen to the problems your children are facing in school, but the classroom is not a place where teachers and/or principles should bible slap. Creationism and evolution should be taught side by side because if there's one thing I learned in high school its that science is the study of our world and while some things may be wrong a lot of it is right.
In the end it is not your schools job to educate your children on the teachings of Christ it is yours ad your church communities. The school is a place where your child and others children should feel comfortable, safe, and accepted and if your going to insist on Bible Slapping you should be aware that you are also insisting on making the school ground a breeding ground for segregation.
Let me reiterate, GOD IS GOD and he is good, but we need to understand people before we can reach them and being so intolerant as to make others feel uncomfortable in school is wrong. Your children are smart and a lot of them are standing up for their beliefs and don't need their teachers to reach out to their peers, just bring them up in the path God has set and he will use them to touch a MULTITUDE of people.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Mom's if your kid is old enough to stay home and they don't want to go to the family and friend gathering being held at a neighbors house DO NOT TAKE THEM! Both you and your child will leave angry, they'll be mad and you won't want to give them attention because discipline in front of friends and family doesn't look good. Not to mention the kiddy table -- zero fun. Not only is it small they usually put it in view of the adult's table so you have to listen to the adults make all these funny jokes and look up at them while they do it. I always just wanted to have a really intelligent conversation with the adults. Whatever the adults were losers anyway.


I'm growing my hair out again and then doing dreads -- just so you know.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


You should watch "The Secret Life Of Bee's" Alicia Keyes reminds me of you in that movie, you won't think so I don't think, but its a good thing, especially when i see photos of you when you were younger.

JULY 2, 1964

The day slavery official ended by way of the civil rights act. 44 years later and a black man is running for president. That is America!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Of course you guys get first dibs...this is the first full trailer for The Gregory Id and probably the only one, but maybe you'll get lucky.


Jean Roy shot scenes from all of Hitchcock's film, my Director of Photography, Josh, brought this photo to me and we are basing the look of our movie off of this photo.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Okay, this is a totally God through me moment and I get these all the times and a lot of my blogs are like this but this one is really strong so I thought I'd share. First off you should know that this is a complete train of thought blog and I haven't planned anything out, God is typing through me it happens often, he's cool.

Okay, so I have been wrestling with the idea of Adam and Eve for about three days now and was planning on writing a blog that proved that knowledge is sin, but God is showing me that there is much more to the story of Adam and Eve than meets the eye. My first reaction to the story is that the fruit was a poison injecting us with sin, but God has showed me that the tree was merely a pawn. God doesn't do anything by accident, this is the first thing he has shown me. He does everything with a distinct divine purpose and the fact that he placed the tree bearing forbidden fruit in the center of paradise is no mistake.

The fruit did not infect us with sin, we were already infected. Before the serpent had tempted Adam and Eve they had a strain of sin lying dormant in their very core the serpent did not speak sin into them nor did the apple inject it into their being, the serpent only brought it to the surface and God was fully aware that this would happen. God did not punish Adam and Eve for gaining knowledge, in fact he clothed them by killing an animal (the first death written about in the Bible.) He punished them for going against his wishes.

Knowledge of Good and Evil - Everyone is born with a basic instinct, what is good and what is bad. This is because of the tree, our knowledge, allowed us to see what we were doing was either good or bad. Now we do not need God to tell us whether or not to do something we can decide for ourselves, which explains the rift created when Adam and Eve ate from the tree. Before we had the knowledge ourselves we had to be told that this ONE THING (THE TREE) was bad. After Adam and Eve ate from the tree, they knew they were naked and were ashamed and the need for God to tell us what was good and what was evil was eliminated, creating a rift between us.

Free will - When we ate from the tree our sin took over, and we were able to make our own decision, against the instruction God had given us. Which, I believe is the birth of free will, in order to make our own decisions we must be confronted with both a holy decision and a sinful decision and choose which part of our core to side with, the holly side or the sinful side.

So if God despises sin why would it be embedded in our makeup? I believe that God despises sin because it separated us from him, it made us want to go against his wishes and deny him but it was also necessary. Because God loved us more than anything of his own free will, he wanted us to experience the same thing for him. If we had not let sin take over we would be slaves to the holy side and we would love God because it is the only thing we know. In order for us to feel what God feels for us we had to be confronted with a choice, our sinful side or our holy side. When God put the tree in the garden he gave us the chance to truly love him and that is why when you accept Christ heaven rejoices, because you have conquered the most daunting obstacle.

Love is not free, or easy, and sometimes it isn't fun and God set the standard. He put one of the greatest obstacles in our way to ensure that we would feel true love, sin. This message doesn't mean go out and sin it means when you choose not to sin you are loving God, you are freely choosing to give yourself to God as much as he gives himself to you, and that is a beautiful thing.

There's a lot more that i believe God has shown me, like is God tempted by sin, did he make sin, is the devil consumed by sin or sin itself? It's a lot to write so maybe I'll break this blog up into a few parts and address each one of these questions a week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is the first screenshot I've seen and now they're thinking about re-shooting the whole movie cause they don't like the script or the main actor but look at this, it looks amazing! THEY CAN'T DO THIS and Spike Jonze the director might take his name off the movie...SPIKE JONZE IS THE MAN! Hollywood messes everything up. Sorry Spike!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My room mate teddy's moving out...going to San Francisco to start doing music videos. This time next year I will be doing the same thing but hopefully with feature films, it's crazy how fast this has gone by.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm WAY tired of California -- time to take a break and it needs to happen SOON!

Friday, October 17, 2008


YAY 20! In everything you do today remember that I was born on this day October 18, 2008 and that God loves you -- not in that order.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


"You have already made the choice, you are here to understand why you made it," these are the wise words of the Oracle to Neo (Thomas Anderson) in the second installment of the Matrix Trilogy. I think that this comment is a very true interpretation of what we call free will. The ongoing argument is " How can we have free will if God already knows what we're going to do." My first response to that question is that God doesn't see in time, he's sees all possible problems and resolutions, but then the question is asked "How can God be all knowing and not know what we will choose out of all of those solutions." This is where I got caught up until today. As I heard the line the Oracle spoke I realized that God does not interfere in any choice we make, he allows us to make that choice and either reap the benefit or suffer the consequence. Free will is not about God's interference but our chance to understand our own decision. From the beginning of time you had already made the decision to do what you were/are going to do, not God, when we get to the point at which we are to make that decision we must understand why we did what we did.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm sitting in the room with my editor watching our movie, and its REALLY good. We have picture locked (all visuals cut together) so now its on to sound. We have a team of 5 people on our sound team (FOR FREE -- GOD IS GOOD) lead by Andrea, just another person God has delivered. ANOTHER 2 MONTHS and we'll have a movie! You have no clue how good it feels to go from wanting to make a movie since you saw Star Wars for the first time to actually seeing your imagination on screen. Gotta start writing my awards speeches!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My favorite. These are some classy designers.


Swagger, according to Webster's dictionary, is defined as "Jay Z." You think I'm kidding, look it up!


The title of this blog was stolen from the title of one of my favorite songs by the David Crowder Band. It truly is amazing how death has such a hold over us, me, I just decided I am going to speak for myself so, death has a hold over me. It has been about two months since I watched the season finale of House in which a Amber, who was on her death bed, was pulled out of her comma to say her goodbyes and die. I am still spinning over the effect that scene it had on my mind. One day, whether you like it or not, you will find yourself on the edge of life and death. You will look at your family (if you happen to be so lucky) smile (or frown depending on your relationship) and drift off into the last unknown. The idea of this is perplexing to me and I can't help but be slightly nervous. When I was young I remember asking my mom ( I don't know if she remembers) "How are you going to die?" she responded "I don't know, hopefully in my sleep." It wasn't until that moment that I realized dying in your sleep was possible. Up until then I thought I was going to be shot (it's so sad it's funny) I thought the only way a person could die was by being shot and as I look back on that day knowing what I know, I realize that the notion that a gun is the only thing that could kill me came from the idea that I was immortal. Human beings were meant to live forever and that is why death was so shocking to me. When God made the earth it was paradise, when he made us we were perfect, and then POOF we messed up, as is to be expected of any person who is tempted by the fruit bore on the tree of knowledge (in all seriousness you can't blame Adam and Eve you would have done the same thing.) As children we have these basic instincts A) There is a God B) Be true to your gut feelings C) You will never die/grow old. I am coming to the conclusion that as you get older you become wiser (tree of knowledge) and with that knowledge you realize death is necessary (whether you believe in heaven/hell or not) In which case know that time is a construct of the human mind and only serves as a form of bondage, God is timeless, time is not his invention, thus we are timeless and in a sense immortal so don't go by the saying "Live every day as if it were you last" instead make your motto "LIVE" for me "LIVE in CHRIST" and you'll find that day and night are not numbers passing on the digital ticker set atop your bedside table, it is Gods chance to give us full days of joy and full nights of rest and I believe if you live this way you'll find that death is not the end but the momentary inability to comprehend just before being ushered through the gates of heaven.

The Stalker

This is why dating is difficult!

dangerfilms.com: Film makers out of texas who are doing what they like to do and making me laugh in the process!

Monday, October 6, 2008


This is how the conversation preceding a date should go.

Guy: Hey how are you?
Girl: Fine and you?
Guy: Great! Hey would you like to go (insert your own date here) with me?
Girl: Yeah sounds fun.
Guy: Cool!

And then when 7:00 rolls around and its time to be on the above scheduled date you show, call to say your late, or cancel an hour before at which time you reschedule. No one is asking to get married, have kids, and grow old in a house somewhere in suburbia just a date at which time we may decide that you don't exactly fit our mold or we both decide that we are perfect for one another. Maybe?

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have never in all my life had my faith shaken so hard as the day I watched this thing online. My roommate Frank had been told to watch it by his boss at work so he starts watching it and comes in my room and tells me to look at it to see what I think. I go to the site (www.zeitgeistmovie.com WARNING: IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO HAVE YOUR FAITH FLIPPED ON ITS EARS DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE AND WATCH THE FILM!) I'm watching it and I feel this heavy spirit enter my room. After a few minutes of a man speaking on religion a narrator begins to speak about all of the similarities that christianity holds to all other religions that "preceded" it, most notably the egyptian religion in which the narrator compares Christ to Ra the Sun god. The similarities are astonishing, not only to Ra but to every other god figure in most cultures. Now the video is a good 20 minutes in and I am quaking, it continues by talking about why all of these religion's gods are so similar (i.e. born to a virgin, birthday of december 25, crucifixion, and on the third day resurrection, all of these gods have the same thing in common) saying that the religions are all based on astrology. The reason every god is born to a virgin on december 25 is because the three stars of orions belt also known as the three kings point to the top of Virgo the virgin who is holding a loaf of bread, loaf of bread in hebrew literally translates to Bethlehem where Christ was born. "WHAT?" I'M FREAKING OUT AT THIS POINT! Okay so why does every one of the gods have 12 disciples -- the 12 constellations, what about the crucifixion, it refers to the sun at its lowest point in the sky on december 22 and on december 25 (3 days later) it raises back to its normal position (or what some would call a resurrection) and the most obvious -- the Son of Man = Christ or our Sun. That's not even half of it, my jaw dropped, I was stunned, shaken, afraid, alone, scarred, and so much more. I questioned all night and all day today, doing nothing but research and looking for information on how to disprove these ideas and I have, I'm still a little shaken but my strongest argument is this: The entire idea of Jesus being the Sun and the bible being an astrological myth is based on the idea that Jesus was born on December 25, when in fact he was probably born sometime in September which throws off the whole idea of the three kings pointing to virgo placing Christ in Bethlehem on that day, that one fact has brought me comfort and made me realize just how crafty the devil is. He is a sly dude and there are a few swear words that describe him better. He has a silver tongue and if you think Sarah Palin is good at manipulating the truth you should listen to this guy. The other thing that brought me comfort is something I read by a Christ follower who had also watched the video. He said that this film actually made him trust God more, because if God made the stars whose to say they're not his sons story written for us in the sky, if all these other cultures had a Christ similar to ours it makes it more likely that there actually was a man called Jesus who came to deliver us from evil and bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. This video has some interesting conspiracy theories concerning 9/11 our economic stuff and much more, but the first half was trying and damaging and it has taken me 24 hours of research to see the devils hand in it and hear God's voice telling me to trust him and not listen to the lies. Satan is a manipulator, a deceiver, a twister of the truth, and comes as an angel of light, if you think he is a joke and won't trick you or is unable to get you caught up in his lies you need to get your head on straight, get in the WORD, and do your research so you don't find yourself in a situation like me where you're side-swiped by his forked tongue.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hand painted band-aid skateboard!

LUKE 6:30

The verse for my life, look it up!


Seriously, no judgments, how did you feel about the clash of theses political titans? I don't know if either of them made me feel 100% confident in their abilities and I want to feel 100% considering we have no money!


You've probably heard the single from his new album 808 and Heartbreaks called "Love Lockdown." While he may be cocky and whiney, he's my favorite musical artist because he's the realest person in the industry, never holding back his feelings or sugar coating what he believes to be the truth, always doing something new with his music and drawing inspiration from all other art around him -- 808 and Heartbreak to be released sometime in November!


Pharrell's jewelry collabo with Louis Vuitton.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This man is my role model. He is the smartest, most versatile, most influential "black" man in the stock market, film industry, music industry, and theatre! Do some research its well worth your while.


It really hasn't even been that bad of a day, I'm just struggling with this idea of holding my tongue, being a reasonable guy in a unreasonable world, and being Christ-like. I prayed that God would humble me and its not a fun experience, its like your flaws are all under a microscope and the smallest things make me feel terrible, but the smallest things can also make me feel great. Somehow the small bad stuff outweighs the small good stuff and I realize how much I need God and my family and friends. No man is an island. I seem to be getting used a lot too, just mistreated and turning the other cheek sucks.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Film - Silence of the Mimes and the tentatively titled Harold

Silence of the Mimes is a short film I directed and should be coming out at the end of October. It is about two rival mimes fighting over the rightful place on a street corner. Harold is a short film about a case of mistaken identity in which a nerdy kid makes out with the woman of his dreams. We are currently in pre-production for Harold and at the latest it will be finished in mid December! Finally we are done cutting the Gregory Id and have 2 months until sound is done. MASS PRODUCING MOVIES IS FUN!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Sound Guy

Andrea, he's super professional and our first outside party to view the movie...he loved it and signed on for free. I feel really good about this project right now!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


October Edition...there are more pictures but I don't want you kids lusting.

Charlie Kaufman Scores

Friday, September 19, 2008


494 Views on Dailymotion.com I must say that's pretty good for a movie with so little publicity especially in one week. I really appreciate everyone's support in my venture and can only hope and pray this pays off the way I see it. It's 12-16 hours days at this point correcting little things and I'm finally seeing it pay off, I get a chance to skateboard in between and hopefully I'll be able to hit up the rock climbing gym soon, but at this point I'm finally seeing this movie come together and for the first time I can honestly say this is going to be an exciting film. Hopefully we'll have our picture locked on Tuesday, then we have another 2 weeks of sound and color. Which means everyone will get to see a full trailer in the coming weeks! Tell your friend's, friend's, mother's friend about it and if you haven't heard you can check out some teasers and a clip at www.myspace.com/thegregoryid or dailymotion.com keyword: The Gregory Id. Thanks again, peace and God Bless!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay, so this is my second 30 Days post, evidently I love this show. In the most recent episode I watched, an atheist woman moves in with a Christian family (the wife reminds me a lot of Terri Stone.) I watched a group of Christians let an atheists beliefs get between their love for this woman. Not much to say other than Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbor regardless of their belief, don't be ashamed of Christ and feel that you should deny your belief in Christ, but LOVE your neighbor. 
MAMA STONE if you're reading this you should know that the wife is the ONLY person in the episodes that really exemplified Christ's love by showing God through the way she interacted with the woman. The wife never judged or belittled the woman she just loved her for who she was. It was cool to watch someone who reminded me so much of you!

The picture is of Mama Stone, I love her like a mother!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CALIBER (screenplay)

This is the list of screenplays in round 2 of Slamdance, mine is in red. Pray that it makes it to round 3.

7:33/A Solitary Evil/ 3 Guys/ 96 Miles to Nashville/ A Different Kind of Rain/ A little Sedated/ A Man Walks into a Bar../ A Picture of us/ A wide world of Funk/ A Widow in Seven Days/ Absolute Zero/ After life/ After The Headlines/ Agustina/ Albatross/ Alien Camino/ All Things Chicken/ Allah Akbar/ Allen Tango/ Amaze your friends/ American Blondage/ American Reverend in London/ American/ Visa America's Princess/ An Act of God/ Ana/ Animal Kingdom/ Avenida/ Revolucion/ Average Jane 2/ Bargain Town/ Between Good and Evil /Big Bang(Gnab Gib) /Big Wheels /Black Sea / Blank Canvas/ Blind Trail Broken Circle/ Blood and Water/ Blues for the Sea/ Bodhisattva/ Bondage/ Borderline '73/ Boy Meets Gir/l Brain Damage/ Breaking and Exiting/ Brisker /Broken/ Bus Stop/Caliber/ Candlelit Days/ Charlie Horse/ Check It /Children of the Tower/ Christmas Delivery/ Christmas of the Dead/ Chump Brothers/ Common Wall/ Confession of Beacon Hill Bowie/ Containment/ Contract Removals/ Creep/ CryBaby/ Czechoslovakia/ Darkest Days/ David's Summer/ Dead Drop/ Dead Heat/ Dead Man's Hand/ Dead Sober for Jewels/ Deaners/ Derby Queen/ Destiny Tar and Feathers/ Devil's Lure/ Dickie 3/ Dirty Salsa/ Disconnected/ Dizzy/ Domesticated/ Double Vision/ Double Whammy/ Doylestown /Dramatis Personae/ Dream with Angels/ Dreamers/ Driving a stick/ El Flaco/ elegy for a revolution/ Ends and Means/ Falling to Fast/ Far Rockaway/ Faustus/ Final Product/ Finding Solace/ Fire and Ice/ Fire Season/ Fluke/ Footprints/ Footprints/ Fop's Girl/ For the Life of Jane/ Forsaken/ Frank/ Free Falling/ Gamer/ Go to Hell/ God of Mars/ Goodman's Garden/ Gossip/ Granny Assasin/ Gray/ Great Victorian Home Charming Great Bones/ Growing Up Catholic/ Guacamole Man/ Guadalupe/ Hair Today/ Harmony/ Harry Davidson/ Harvest Moon/ Helmet Heads/ Help Wanted/ Her Father's Daughter/ His Fair Lady/ Honor & Thieves/ House Stories/ Human Resources Hunter's Star/ Hurry Home Sweatheart/ I, Chihuahua/ In A Garden White/ In Dreams We Live/ In God's Name/ In Mid Air /In the Land of Dreams /Inertia/ Infect-o-Rama/ Infinite Power/ Inside Out /Inside the Butterfly Net/ Interloper /Ipso Facto /Irrevocable Trust /It was Beautiful/ Jane Nelson Falls from Grace/ Janey Live /Jasper aka Jumpin' Jiminy/ Jesus Of Nazareth High /Johnny Payback /John's First Solo/ Jupiter Lake /Just Toss the Ashes/ Keene Moves /Killing the Joneses/ King of the Dogwood/ Kingsbridge /Kiss and Tell /Knights of Catalonia /La Pucelle /Larson's Field /Last Resort/ Layla's Wedding/ Leaper's Hill /Levi and the Angry Amputee/ Life in Parallel /Life is a Trivial Pursuit /Life Science/ Life Unworthy of Life/ Long in the Tooth/ Looking Good/ Lost and Found in the Bermuda Triangle/ Lost Cause/ Love in the time of Genocide/ Lovespell/ Lucas Donovan/ Lucidity/ Mad Divorce/ Maid of Dishonor/ Mama's Boy/ Marble Men/ Max Bonaparte/ May Day/ Meet me in the Middle/ Mendelssohn/ Michael Brody(Identity Crisis/ Midwest Farmers Daughter/ Miracleland/ Mobius Ring/ Money! Money! Money!/ Moonbeam Fisherman/ More Than This/ Mornings/ Mortimer Smedley's Invention/ Moving Goal Posts/ Mr. Unlucky/ Mrs. Pinchet/ Musselmen/ My Dear Collin/ My Father's Son/ My Hero/ My People /Naked Ambition/ Nathan's Way/ Nephilim/ Neutered City/ Never Forget/ New and Improved /New Gods & Old Glory/ Night in Tel Aviv/ Nightingale/ Nimbus/ Ningyuan /No Rest for the Wicked/ No Running/ Nothing in Common/ Numbered/ Ora/ Otter Science/ Outcaste/ Outrageous/ Padded/ Paige Hadley's Prom from Hell/ Paper Stars/ Party Games/ Passing through/ Perilous Ambition/ Picuris/ Pirates/ Pitbull/ Pitch Out/ Porn Ministry/ Project Lucy/ Purchased Evidence/ Questions?/ Rabbithawk /RageWater/ Rat Bastards of the Central Time Zone/ Real/ Rebel Cause/ Red Tide Bloom/ Re-Entry/ Repeat after me/ Retribution/ Retribution Mile/ Return to Ezra/ Return to Gilandor/ Rickshaw Crossing/ Riley's bones/ Rise and Fall of Truth/ Roadshow/ Rough Country/ Ruby Cube/ Running Around /Santa Claus/ Santana Claus// /Sapna's Gift/ Saving Seymour/ Seeking Volition/ Sell the son/ Shadow War/ Shit Head/ Sleepwalker/ Slow Curve/ Small Flags Forever/ Small Worlds/ Sneakers on the Wire/ Some Boys Don't Leave/ Something Down There/ Somewhere better than here/ Split Ends/ St. Patrick's Confession/ Stealing Time/ Stolen Past/ Storm Birds/ Stranger / Strawberry Man Came Calling /Stray /Strong Women /Suspicion/ Swing Low /Switch Add /Taco Truck /Tales Untold of the Signing Peacock/ Talls From the Forest /Technical Director /Temporary Hardcore/ Testament / Texas /The Man from 2000/ The Aces of Ace /The Adventures of Zara Zancon and the Young World Travelers Presents Its all Greek to Me /The Alice Summer/ The Best of Strangers /The Big Game /The Book /The Bottomless /The Boulder /The Boy VS the Leopard /The Bridge /The Devil's Dog /The Facts of Life/ The Fall and rise of Truth/ The Final Guardian/ The First Day /The Founding Fathers /The Gargoyle of Broadway /The Glasford Song/ The Has-Beens / The Hero Complex /The Hookup/ The Last Adventure of Martin Finch /The Last Daze of Summer /The last Inmate /The Last Kincaid/ The Lavender Lady/ The Lugar Story confession /The Messiah Machine /The Middle Mile /The Miranda/ Warning /The Miscellaneous Table /The Mystic/ The Pit /The Promised Land/ The Propeller/ The Round Table /The Shadow Before/ The Silent Killer /The Speech Facility /The Theif /The Third Realm /The Tiolet paper chronicles /The Tunnel /The Waco Horror /The Worlds in shambles/ The Would Be's are in Anvil /The Wright Stuff /The Wrong Side of Providence/ Thicker than Water/ Those Eyes/ Thou Shall Not /Through the Window/ Time and Tide/ Tomboys/ Tooth Lake/ Torn/ Towing /Tragedy of the Commons/ Transplant /Tricycle /Truckers VS. Bikers/ Trust /Tweaker /Twentieth Century /Under the Table/ Unholy Silence/ Voices Carry Want and Curiosity /Warmth of Sunrise/ Weeki Wachee Girl/ Welcomce to Akron /Well Adjusted Boy /Wheat in chicago /When Duty Calls /White Loafers /Whitey /Widders /Winner /Wish Me Luck /Wish You Were Here /WONDER DRUG /Works of Art /Wrocklage /Young at Heart and Loins


I love the way this looks. I want to make movies that look like this (lighting, color, texture.) This is a gorgeous work of art.


The picture on the left is the whole work of art while the picture in the middle is the reflection in the mirror on the back wall (even the painter can be seen in the mirror.) Under the chandler there is something written, I can't tell what it is but it's really neat. The whole painting has these kinds of details and is only 18x24. Take heed the greatness of Jan Van Eyck.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I love woman and they have just as much of a right in the White House as men but this woman -- if I hear another Palin supporter tell me that they like her because she's a good speaker and PRETTY -- wow. Apparently looks can run a nation. About her being a good public speaker, she lies A LOT. Well, you should decide for yourself, take a look:

This woman could be our next president considering there is a high possibility McCain won't make it through his first term in office due to his old age, and in case you lost track McCain knows absolutely nothing!

WOW! THIS GUY IS WORSE THAN PALIN. Okay, don't vote for a black man but I'm not down with two idiots either. If you don't like Obama just stay away from the ballots.

Lastly if you are hung up on the idea that Obama is Muslim, please do some research. The man is a Christian. He may have had a Muslim father but he chose to be a Christian. You have to pick one, is he Muslim or are we going to condemn his CHRISTIAN church because of the remarks made by his former pastor.

As a reminder:

"What is it exactly that a VP does everyday?"


I was going to write a long rant on how much I dislike the woman but Matt says it best.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Four wheeler, dirt bike, snowmobile.
via: ferrarimurakami.blogspot.com


My new category: Stuff you don't need.
via: ferrarimurakami.blogspot.com

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion Week Monique Lhuillier

In case you missed it. I like this stuff, very practical!

Governer Sarah Palin

Scares me. She's been in office (Governer of ALASKA of all places) for two years and now she is the next Vice Presidential candidate. She has this tendency to manipulate the truth into a believable lie (about a bridge that links two parts of Alaska. You know you're a newb when your scandal is labeled "A Bridge to Nowhere",) and shes HOT! I take that back. The hot part doesn't scare me, if someone has her number please let me know so I can ask her out. Is it just me or is this a political ploy to get McCain a leg up by pitting a female Vice President against a black male President. This is the most non-PC presidential race I have ever seen HAHA!

Palin on the cover of VOGUE!

The Gregory Id (Behind the scenes)

So in an attempt to quench your cinematic thirst I've posted some behind the scenes shots from our upcoming movie "The Gregory Id." We are nearing the end of post-production and I'm getting very excited, be sure to add us at www.myspace.com/thegregoryid for videos and information on the film. Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and interest and we look forward to seeing you at a festival in your town!