Sunday, November 1, 2009



We all know this as the title of the classic book by Oscar Wilde, but I haven't read it. It came to me while sitting here looking at that picture, just those words: the. importance. of. being. earnest. SO I looked up -- the definition of earnest, one of those words that we all know and probably use, but never stop to think about. (Earnest: 1 : a serious and intent mental state
2 : a considerable or impressive degree or amount .) So what is the importance of being earnest (or earnesty as I've just decided to call it?) why be serious and intent, why have a considerable or impressive degree or amount?
Earnesty is what dreams are made of, its what you have between the ages of 0 and children. It's what you loose because of money or responsibility, forcing you to forget to smile, or loose your goals in the shuffle. What is the importance of earnesty? It's setting your sights for whatever makes you happy and never loosing heart so that you don't have to say "I wish I had..." and you always smile back on "remember whens." It's living life to a considerable or impressive degree or amount so that you can be filled with sadness, joy, excitement, and fear. It's loosing count of the laugh lines and counting the crows feet as medals of honor.
The importance of earnesty is the meaning of life.


Deidra said...

I like to think of it as authenticity. Being with you last week helped me find some of that again. Thanks for your encouragement and for your deep thoughts. Thanks for trusting us with your thoughts. Much love!