Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I karate chop for fun, I fist pump the air cause I saw it on Jersey Shore, and if you don't like that show I understand but that's beside the point.

Who trains you to graduate college and go on to lead a life? Not anyone I know. I still feel like I'm 10 and I'm just happy to not be confined to that room with desks and monotone instructors. In a way its like a prisoner who just got let out of jail and doesn't know how to function anymore; last time I knew freedom like this I was breast fed and speaking in a makeshift language that consisted of more slobbery vowels than anything. Now what? Lots of people ask me that and most of the time I do the *shrug* which means way to remind me.

WHAT I am realizing is that when you graduate/ed college your mistakes paved my way. My goal in life is to _________________ who knows fill in that blank. I want to make movies, I want to be happy, I want to be like Christ. Pick one of those. While we're at it no one trains you how to love properly either. I def. love myself a lot and when it comes to doing the God thing, selflessness is often hard to acquire, how does that work?

My mind is swimming with possibilities, the earthquake in Chile knocked the Earth of by 3 inches shortening the days (maybe that relates to the story in the bible when the sun never set; a giant earthquake in Thailand hit and the Israelites were oblivious.)

Another crazy epiphany, you don't know anything. I know just as much about why I'm here now as when I did at 3, maybe I knew more then and the more we search the less living we have to do, because reality is way too much to handle, thats why I'm sitting here blogging in front of my computer. Its way cooler online (The Matrix.)

Dolphins are water humans (watch the Cove) and we're jerks to them. The world itself is simple and we don't get it because we're idiots, there is no secret, we just make them.

Insight, if God is real we can do anything, if science proves it all we can do anything. If you are Christian because you want it easy and have hopes of "doing anything" you're in it for the wrong reason, Satanists have it better and sex out of wedlock is okay to have in their religious circle so go do that. I do it for the gratefulness at least I hope I do.

Try standing in someplace quiet and think about how much you don't know and by the way your going to die, thats comforting because if theres nothing there thats probably just as relaxing as heaven. Do you remember life before you were conceived? You've just comprehended the concept of nothing.

We are masses of tissue given color, shape, and texture by light.