Monday, April 27, 2009


Gripping Taylor Hicks video tomorrow. I'm stoked on it. Got a great email Friday been sweating bullets since then hoping for the best come Monday, it's 12:32 and the day I'm expecting a call/email is here. I'm sweating it but as I sit here I realize that just to be notoced by this guy is a HUGE deal. I'm 20 and have one of the biggest dudes in Hollywood sending me a personal email, all I can do there is praise the Lord. If this is the furthest he's going to take me these moments of excitment and joy are truely enough. God has his hand in some stuff and I really have to learn not to be anxious. I need to let God steer me cause the harder anyone works for themsrlves the further away they get from the great purpose God has for them inches away. I can't lie if this guy calls I am going to go NUTS, but my prayer is that whatever the outcome God will give me a level head and will use whatever happens for his Glory. As cheesy as this sounds I have to thank Auburn's myspace for pulling the trigger on this train of thought. In all that I do may my Father in Heaven be given the glory FOREVER!


Lubiana said...

Wow! You are an awesome Christian! I hope everything works out for you!

God bless!

Txsoulgal said...

So happy for your joy. Have a great day working on Taylor's video, Seven Mile Breakdown. I love reading about your faith. Yes, the Lord does bless and take care of his children. God's blessings.