Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So everyone has been asking what's going on. NOW, I have been trying my best to keep it on the D.L. because I don't want it to turn into something its not. So when you read this keep your prayer hands together, I am bursting at the seams because anything could happen and it could be nothing but I have to get it out. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

So I made my music video, finished, it's a huge success (2,085 views on youtube) PRAISE GOD and I started looking for more work to do with another artist. I found someone whose music I really like and contacted her not realizing who I was speaking to. So I show her some of my work, she shows her work to a STUDIO HEAD, and he contacts me PERSONALLY! The guy runs a HUGE record label (no names right now, name dropping is the worst especially when nothing has even happened yet) and wants to meet with me he "saw my work" and "has opportunities [for me] with the label." It gets so much bigger but I don't want to put everything out there. God is just blessing me so much right now. I have a sit down at 5PM on Thursday with him personally SO PRAY for me I could really use it. I need a steady mind, body, and soul. Pray that I have the knowledge, wisdom, and that God is glorified through everything that happens Thursday.