Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay, so this is my second 30 Days post, evidently I love this show. In the most recent episode I watched, an atheist woman moves in with a Christian family (the wife reminds me a lot of Terri Stone.) I watched a group of Christians let an atheists beliefs get between their love for this woman. Not much to say other than Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbor regardless of their belief, don't be ashamed of Christ and feel that you should deny your belief in Christ, but LOVE your neighbor. 
MAMA STONE if you're reading this you should know that the wife is the ONLY person in the episodes that really exemplified Christ's love by showing God through the way she interacted with the woman. The wife never judged or belittled the woman she just loved her for who she was. It was cool to watch someone who reminded me so much of you!

The picture is of Mama Stone, I love her like a mother!