Friday, September 19, 2008


494 Views on I must say that's pretty good for a movie with so little publicity especially in one week. I really appreciate everyone's support in my venture and can only hope and pray this pays off the way I see it. It's 12-16 hours days at this point correcting little things and I'm finally seeing it pay off, I get a chance to skateboard in between and hopefully I'll be able to hit up the rock climbing gym soon, but at this point I'm finally seeing this movie come together and for the first time I can honestly say this is going to be an exciting film. Hopefully we'll have our picture locked on Tuesday, then we have another 2 weeks of sound and color. Which means everyone will get to see a full trailer in the coming weeks! Tell your friend's, friend's, mother's friend about it and if you haven't heard you can check out some teasers and a clip at or keyword: The Gregory Id. Thanks again, peace and God Bless!