Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CALIBER (screenplay)

This is the list of screenplays in round 2 of Slamdance, mine is in red. Pray that it makes it to round 3.

7:33/A Solitary Evil/ 3 Guys/ 96 Miles to Nashville/ A Different Kind of Rain/ A little Sedated/ A Man Walks into a Bar../ A Picture of us/ A wide world of Funk/ A Widow in Seven Days/ Absolute Zero/ After life/ After The Headlines/ Agustina/ Albatross/ Alien Camino/ All Things Chicken/ Allah Akbar/ Allen Tango/ Amaze your friends/ American Blondage/ American Reverend in London/ American/ Visa America's Princess/ An Act of God/ Ana/ Animal Kingdom/ Avenida/ Revolucion/ Average Jane 2/ Bargain Town/ Between Good and Evil /Big Bang(Gnab Gib) /Big Wheels /Black Sea / Blank Canvas/ Blind Trail Broken Circle/ Blood and Water/ Blues for the Sea/ Bodhisattva/ Bondage/ Borderline '73/ Boy Meets Gir/l Brain Damage/ Breaking and Exiting/ Brisker /Broken/ Bus Stop/Caliber/ Candlelit Days/ Charlie Horse/ Check It /Children of the Tower/ Christmas Delivery/ Christmas of the Dead/ Chump Brothers/ Common Wall/ Confession of Beacon Hill Bowie/ Containment/ Contract Removals/ Creep/ CryBaby/ Czechoslovakia/ Darkest Days/ David's Summer/ Dead Drop/ Dead Heat/ Dead Man's Hand/ Dead Sober for Jewels/ Deaners/ Derby Queen/ Destiny Tar and Feathers/ Devil's Lure/ Dickie 3/ Dirty Salsa/ Disconnected/ Dizzy/ Domesticated/ Double Vision/ Double Whammy/ Doylestown /Dramatis Personae/ Dream with Angels/ Dreamers/ Driving a stick/ El Flaco/ elegy for a revolution/ Ends and Means/ Falling to Fast/ Far Rockaway/ Faustus/ Final Product/ Finding Solace/ Fire and Ice/ Fire Season/ Fluke/ Footprints/ Footprints/ Fop's Girl/ For the Life of Jane/ Forsaken/ Frank/ Free Falling/ Gamer/ Go to Hell/ God of Mars/ Goodman's Garden/ Gossip/ Granny Assasin/ Gray/ Great Victorian Home Charming Great Bones/ Growing Up Catholic/ Guacamole Man/ Guadalupe/ Hair Today/ Harmony/ Harry Davidson/ Harvest Moon/ Helmet Heads/ Help Wanted/ Her Father's Daughter/ His Fair Lady/ Honor & Thieves/ House Stories/ Human Resources Hunter's Star/ Hurry Home Sweatheart/ I, Chihuahua/ In A Garden White/ In Dreams We Live/ In God's Name/ In Mid Air /In the Land of Dreams /Inertia/ Infect-o-Rama/ Infinite Power/ Inside Out /Inside the Butterfly Net/ Interloper /Ipso Facto /Irrevocable Trust /It was Beautiful/ Jane Nelson Falls from Grace/ Janey Live /Jasper aka Jumpin' Jiminy/ Jesus Of Nazareth High /Johnny Payback /John's First Solo/ Jupiter Lake /Just Toss the Ashes/ Keene Moves /Killing the Joneses/ King of the Dogwood/ Kingsbridge /Kiss and Tell /Knights of Catalonia /La Pucelle /Larson's Field /Last Resort/ Layla's Wedding/ Leaper's Hill /Levi and the Angry Amputee/ Life in Parallel /Life is a Trivial Pursuit /Life Science/ Life Unworthy of Life/ Long in the Tooth/ Looking Good/ Lost and Found in the Bermuda Triangle/ Lost Cause/ Love in the time of Genocide/ Lovespell/ Lucas Donovan/ Lucidity/ Mad Divorce/ Maid of Dishonor/ Mama's Boy/ Marble Men/ Max Bonaparte/ May Day/ Meet me in the Middle/ Mendelssohn/ Michael Brody(Identity Crisis/ Midwest Farmers Daughter/ Miracleland/ Mobius Ring/ Money! Money! Money!/ Moonbeam Fisherman/ More Than This/ Mornings/ Mortimer Smedley's Invention/ Moving Goal Posts/ Mr. Unlucky/ Mrs. Pinchet/ Musselmen/ My Dear Collin/ My Father's Son/ My Hero/ My People /Naked Ambition/ Nathan's Way/ Nephilim/ Neutered City/ Never Forget/ New and Improved /New Gods & Old Glory/ Night in Tel Aviv/ Nightingale/ Nimbus/ Ningyuan /No Rest for the Wicked/ No Running/ Nothing in Common/ Numbered/ Ora/ Otter Science/ Outcaste/ Outrageous/ Padded/ Paige Hadley's Prom from Hell/ Paper Stars/ Party Games/ Passing through/ Perilous Ambition/ Picuris/ Pirates/ Pitbull/ Pitch Out/ Porn Ministry/ Project Lucy/ Purchased Evidence/ Questions?/ Rabbithawk /RageWater/ Rat Bastards of the Central Time Zone/ Real/ Rebel Cause/ Red Tide Bloom/ Re-Entry/ Repeat after me/ Retribution/ Retribution Mile/ Return to Ezra/ Return to Gilandor/ Rickshaw Crossing/ Riley's bones/ Rise and Fall of Truth/ Roadshow/ Rough Country/ Ruby Cube/ Running Around /Santa Claus/ Santana Claus// /Sapna's Gift/ Saving Seymour/ Seeking Volition/ Sell the son/ Shadow War/ Shit Head/ Sleepwalker/ Slow Curve/ Small Flags Forever/ Small Worlds/ Sneakers on the Wire/ Some Boys Don't Leave/ Something Down There/ Somewhere better than here/ Split Ends/ St. Patrick's Confession/ Stealing Time/ Stolen Past/ Storm Birds/ Stranger / Strawberry Man Came Calling /Stray /Strong Women /Suspicion/ Swing Low /Switch Add /Taco Truck /Tales Untold of the Signing Peacock/ Talls From the Forest /Technical Director /Temporary Hardcore/ Testament / Texas /The Man from 2000/ The Aces of Ace /The Adventures of Zara Zancon and the Young World Travelers Presents Its all Greek to Me /The Alice Summer/ The Best of Strangers /The Big Game /The Book /The Bottomless /The Boulder /The Boy VS the Leopard /The Bridge /The Devil's Dog /The Facts of Life/ The Fall and rise of Truth/ The Final Guardian/ The First Day /The Founding Fathers /The Gargoyle of Broadway /The Glasford Song/ The Has-Beens / The Hero Complex /The Hookup/ The Last Adventure of Martin Finch /The Last Daze of Summer /The last Inmate /The Last Kincaid/ The Lavender Lady/ The Lugar Story confession /The Messiah Machine /The Middle Mile /The Miranda/ Warning /The Miscellaneous Table /The Mystic/ The Pit /The Promised Land/ The Propeller/ The Round Table /The Shadow Before/ The Silent Killer /The Speech Facility /The Theif /The Third Realm /The Tiolet paper chronicles /The Tunnel /The Waco Horror /The Worlds in shambles/ The Would Be's are in Anvil /The Wright Stuff /The Wrong Side of Providence/ Thicker than Water/ Those Eyes/ Thou Shall Not /Through the Window/ Time and Tide/ Tomboys/ Tooth Lake/ Torn/ Towing /Tragedy of the Commons/ Transplant /Tricycle /Truckers VS. Bikers/ Trust /Tweaker /Twentieth Century /Under the Table/ Unholy Silence/ Voices Carry Want and Curiosity /Warmth of Sunrise/ Weeki Wachee Girl/ Welcomce to Akron /Well Adjusted Boy /Wheat in chicago /When Duty Calls /White Loafers /Whitey /Widders /Winner /Wish Me Luck /Wish You Were Here /WONDER DRUG /Works of Art /Wrocklage /Young at Heart and Loins


Belzecue said...

Jordan, best of luck for reaching the Top 50 cut. Sept 19 announcement, right?