Monday, September 15, 2008


I love woman and they have just as much of a right in the White House as men but this woman -- if I hear another Palin supporter tell me that they like her because she's a good speaker and PRETTY -- wow. Apparently looks can run a nation. About her being a good public speaker, she lies A LOT. Well, you should decide for yourself, take a look:

This woman could be our next president considering there is a high possibility McCain won't make it through his first term in office due to his old age, and in case you lost track McCain knows absolutely nothing!

WOW! THIS GUY IS WORSE THAN PALIN. Okay, don't vote for a black man but I'm not down with two idiots either. If you don't like Obama just stay away from the ballots.

Lastly if you are hung up on the idea that Obama is Muslim, please do some research. The man is a Christian. He may have had a Muslim father but he chose to be a Christian. You have to pick one, is he Muslim or are we going to condemn his CHRISTIAN church because of the remarks made by his former pastor.

As a reminder:

"What is it exactly that a VP does everyday?"