Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I was sleeping on the plane on and off and kept finding myself in these dreams unable to distinguish between reality and imagination. I remember dosing off and hearing vividly 300! I remember seeing Obama give a speech, and I remember watching people in front of their televisions. When I woke up the pilot announced that Obama had won and had 300 electoral votes. When I got off the plane I passed crowds of people standing in front of computer monitors, TV's and radios listening and watching the coverage and when I got home I watched Obama's acceptance speech. I am proud to call myself a American. I don't know about you but as a black man in America I have never felt like anything was possible until today. Today I know that anyone can do anything regardless of your race, creed, religion, or middle name. This is historic and I challenge everyone to really examine themselves and think hard about what they want to accomplish in life and then GO DO IT! Put in the work and get out there and make it happen because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, including a black man becoming the 44th President 44 years after the civil rights act was passed!


Deidra said...

It was fun voting with you and my chair! We made history together! We rocked the vote!

alleigh said...

i wanted to rock the vote! i'm so proud to call myself and african AMERICAN at this point in history. take pride in your vote, and the change that you helped make