Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is why I like Captain DaFeira:

The album Devine machines is an in depth look at what religion has become in the world through the eyes of someone who was raised a devout Catholic and is now learning what faith means to him and at the same time he is introducing a newer style of music. The songs tell a story starting with Father Machine and ending with Divine Machine, now this is not the only album it is a three part series and if you look at it like a movie it's like listening to the Matrix. The first movie talks about the machines who represent our religious leaders. Father Machine is the original who produces all other machines, there is a machine called gabrielle who is part human that inseminates the world's woman and is the only way to produce life. There are a bunch of other machines as well but you have to listen to the album and study it. So you may be asking who's telling the story well i the next two albums which have yet to be released we learn that there is a Space Pirate who became immortal after a bomb exploded in Hiroshima and launched himself into space and now looks down on the Earth. This is just a taste of what the whole album is about but if you pay attention and do some research there's a bunch of hidden stuff. Now this is the exciting part sister, this guy is scoring my movie for free! SO TAKE A LISTEN and enjoy or not, whatever.


alleigh said...

thanks jordan.

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