Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Jesus talks in riddles, he is the riddler. Listened to the book of John on tape yesterday (AMAZING) and that man never just says stuff -- he makes you have to think about his words -- if I lived back then and was talking to this guy who clammed to be the Messiah I would get so frustrated, not only because he talks in riddles but because he's ALWAYS RIGHT! Have you ever read something and as you read it, it stimulates your mind and makes you want to be a better person but you don't quit know what to do about it yet because it's confusing to you (i.e. science) that's how Jesus' words made me feel, he would answer stuff in ways that would give multiple interpretations but it could only be said in one way (I'm tripping out) NOT TO MENTION JESUS -- SINCE JESUS IS REAL OUR LIVES ARE LIKE THE MATRIX -- THERE ARE REAL SUPER HEROES like when your a kid people say there is no such thing as a ghost -- MAYBE NOT but demons and the devil and angels and God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit ALL REAL! Walking on water: TOTALLY POSSIBLE FLIGHT: YOU BETCHA PRECOGNITION (PROPHECY): HECK YES SON! We just haven't tapped into it yet, not to mention the really faithful ones can MOVE MOUNTAINS! OK that's me tripping I'm done.