Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hand painted band-aid skateboard!

LUKE 6:30

The verse for my life, look it up!


Seriously, no judgments, how did you feel about the clash of theses political titans? I don't know if either of them made me feel 100% confident in their abilities and I want to feel 100% considering we have no money!


You've probably heard the single from his new album 808 and Heartbreaks called "Love Lockdown." While he may be cocky and whiney, he's my favorite musical artist because he's the realest person in the industry, never holding back his feelings or sugar coating what he believes to be the truth, always doing something new with his music and drawing inspiration from all other art around him -- 808 and Heartbreak to be released sometime in November!


Pharrell's jewelry collabo with Louis Vuitton.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This man is my role model. He is the smartest, most versatile, most influential "black" man in the stock market, film industry, music industry, and theatre! Do some research its well worth your while.


It really hasn't even been that bad of a day, I'm just struggling with this idea of holding my tongue, being a reasonable guy in a unreasonable world, and being Christ-like. I prayed that God would humble me and its not a fun experience, its like your flaws are all under a microscope and the smallest things make me feel terrible, but the smallest things can also make me feel great. Somehow the small bad stuff outweighs the small good stuff and I realize how much I need God and my family and friends. No man is an island. I seem to be getting used a lot too, just mistreated and turning the other cheek sucks.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Film - Silence of the Mimes and the tentatively titled Harold

Silence of the Mimes is a short film I directed and should be coming out at the end of October. It is about two rival mimes fighting over the rightful place on a street corner. Harold is a short film about a case of mistaken identity in which a nerdy kid makes out with the woman of his dreams. We are currently in pre-production for Harold and at the latest it will be finished in mid December! Finally we are done cutting the Gregory Id and have 2 months until sound is done. MASS PRODUCING MOVIES IS FUN!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Sound Guy

Andrea, he's super professional and our first outside party to view the movie...he loved it and signed on for free. I feel really good about this project right now!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


October Edition...there are more pictures but I don't want you kids lusting.

Charlie Kaufman Scores

Friday, September 19, 2008


494 Views on I must say that's pretty good for a movie with so little publicity especially in one week. I really appreciate everyone's support in my venture and can only hope and pray this pays off the way I see it. It's 12-16 hours days at this point correcting little things and I'm finally seeing it pay off, I get a chance to skateboard in between and hopefully I'll be able to hit up the rock climbing gym soon, but at this point I'm finally seeing this movie come together and for the first time I can honestly say this is going to be an exciting film. Hopefully we'll have our picture locked on Tuesday, then we have another 2 weeks of sound and color. Which means everyone will get to see a full trailer in the coming weeks! Tell your friend's, friend's, mother's friend about it and if you haven't heard you can check out some teasers and a clip at or keyword: The Gregory Id. Thanks again, peace and God Bless!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay, so this is my second 30 Days post, evidently I love this show. In the most recent episode I watched, an atheist woman moves in with a Christian family (the wife reminds me a lot of Terri Stone.) I watched a group of Christians let an atheists beliefs get between their love for this woman. Not much to say other than Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbor regardless of their belief, don't be ashamed of Christ and feel that you should deny your belief in Christ, but LOVE your neighbor. 
MAMA STONE if you're reading this you should know that the wife is the ONLY person in the episodes that really exemplified Christ's love by showing God through the way she interacted with the woman. The wife never judged or belittled the woman she just loved her for who she was. It was cool to watch someone who reminded me so much of you!

The picture is of Mama Stone, I love her like a mother!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CALIBER (screenplay)

This is the list of screenplays in round 2 of Slamdance, mine is in red. Pray that it makes it to round 3.

7:33/A Solitary Evil/ 3 Guys/ 96 Miles to Nashville/ A Different Kind of Rain/ A little Sedated/ A Man Walks into a Bar../ A Picture of us/ A wide world of Funk/ A Widow in Seven Days/ Absolute Zero/ After life/ After The Headlines/ Agustina/ Albatross/ Alien Camino/ All Things Chicken/ Allah Akbar/ Allen Tango/ Amaze your friends/ American Blondage/ American Reverend in London/ American/ Visa America's Princess/ An Act of God/ Ana/ Animal Kingdom/ Avenida/ Revolucion/ Average Jane 2/ Bargain Town/ Between Good and Evil /Big Bang(Gnab Gib) /Big Wheels /Black Sea / Blank Canvas/ Blind Trail Broken Circle/ Blood and Water/ Blues for the Sea/ Bodhisattva/ Bondage/ Borderline '73/ Boy Meets Gir/l Brain Damage/ Breaking and Exiting/ Brisker /Broken/ Bus Stop/Caliber/ Candlelit Days/ Charlie Horse/ Check It /Children of the Tower/ Christmas Delivery/ Christmas of the Dead/ Chump Brothers/ Common Wall/ Confession of Beacon Hill Bowie/ Containment/ Contract Removals/ Creep/ CryBaby/ Czechoslovakia/ Darkest Days/ David's Summer/ Dead Drop/ Dead Heat/ Dead Man's Hand/ Dead Sober for Jewels/ Deaners/ Derby Queen/ Destiny Tar and Feathers/ Devil's Lure/ Dickie 3/ Dirty Salsa/ Disconnected/ Dizzy/ Domesticated/ Double Vision/ Double Whammy/ Doylestown /Dramatis Personae/ Dream with Angels/ Dreamers/ Driving a stick/ El Flaco/ elegy for a revolution/ Ends and Means/ Falling to Fast/ Far Rockaway/ Faustus/ Final Product/ Finding Solace/ Fire and Ice/ Fire Season/ Fluke/ Footprints/ Footprints/ Fop's Girl/ For the Life of Jane/ Forsaken/ Frank/ Free Falling/ Gamer/ Go to Hell/ God of Mars/ Goodman's Garden/ Gossip/ Granny Assasin/ Gray/ Great Victorian Home Charming Great Bones/ Growing Up Catholic/ Guacamole Man/ Guadalupe/ Hair Today/ Harmony/ Harry Davidson/ Harvest Moon/ Helmet Heads/ Help Wanted/ Her Father's Daughter/ His Fair Lady/ Honor & Thieves/ House Stories/ Human Resources Hunter's Star/ Hurry Home Sweatheart/ I, Chihuahua/ In A Garden White/ In Dreams We Live/ In God's Name/ In Mid Air /In the Land of Dreams /Inertia/ Infect-o-Rama/ Infinite Power/ Inside Out /Inside the Butterfly Net/ Interloper /Ipso Facto /Irrevocable Trust /It was Beautiful/ Jane Nelson Falls from Grace/ Janey Live /Jasper aka Jumpin' Jiminy/ Jesus Of Nazareth High /Johnny Payback /John's First Solo/ Jupiter Lake /Just Toss the Ashes/ Keene Moves /Killing the Joneses/ King of the Dogwood/ Kingsbridge /Kiss and Tell /Knights of Catalonia /La Pucelle /Larson's Field /Last Resort/ Layla's Wedding/ Leaper's Hill /Levi and the Angry Amputee/ Life in Parallel /Life is a Trivial Pursuit /Life Science/ Life Unworthy of Life/ Long in the Tooth/ Looking Good/ Lost and Found in the Bermuda Triangle/ Lost Cause/ Love in the time of Genocide/ Lovespell/ Lucas Donovan/ Lucidity/ Mad Divorce/ Maid of Dishonor/ Mama's Boy/ Marble Men/ Max Bonaparte/ May Day/ Meet me in the Middle/ Mendelssohn/ Michael Brody(Identity Crisis/ Midwest Farmers Daughter/ Miracleland/ Mobius Ring/ Money! Money! Money!/ Moonbeam Fisherman/ More Than This/ Mornings/ Mortimer Smedley's Invention/ Moving Goal Posts/ Mr. Unlucky/ Mrs. Pinchet/ Musselmen/ My Dear Collin/ My Father's Son/ My Hero/ My People /Naked Ambition/ Nathan's Way/ Nephilim/ Neutered City/ Never Forget/ New and Improved /New Gods & Old Glory/ Night in Tel Aviv/ Nightingale/ Nimbus/ Ningyuan /No Rest for the Wicked/ No Running/ Nothing in Common/ Numbered/ Ora/ Otter Science/ Outcaste/ Outrageous/ Padded/ Paige Hadley's Prom from Hell/ Paper Stars/ Party Games/ Passing through/ Perilous Ambition/ Picuris/ Pirates/ Pitbull/ Pitch Out/ Porn Ministry/ Project Lucy/ Purchased Evidence/ Questions?/ Rabbithawk /RageWater/ Rat Bastards of the Central Time Zone/ Real/ Rebel Cause/ Red Tide Bloom/ Re-Entry/ Repeat after me/ Retribution/ Retribution Mile/ Return to Ezra/ Return to Gilandor/ Rickshaw Crossing/ Riley's bones/ Rise and Fall of Truth/ Roadshow/ Rough Country/ Ruby Cube/ Running Around /Santa Claus/ Santana Claus// /Sapna's Gift/ Saving Seymour/ Seeking Volition/ Sell the son/ Shadow War/ Shit Head/ Sleepwalker/ Slow Curve/ Small Flags Forever/ Small Worlds/ Sneakers on the Wire/ Some Boys Don't Leave/ Something Down There/ Somewhere better than here/ Split Ends/ St. Patrick's Confession/ Stealing Time/ Stolen Past/ Storm Birds/ Stranger / Strawberry Man Came Calling /Stray /Strong Women /Suspicion/ Swing Low /Switch Add /Taco Truck /Tales Untold of the Signing Peacock/ Talls From the Forest /Technical Director /Temporary Hardcore/ Testament / Texas /The Man from 2000/ The Aces of Ace /The Adventures of Zara Zancon and the Young World Travelers Presents Its all Greek to Me /The Alice Summer/ The Best of Strangers /The Big Game /The Book /The Bottomless /The Boulder /The Boy VS the Leopard /The Bridge /The Devil's Dog /The Facts of Life/ The Fall and rise of Truth/ The Final Guardian/ The First Day /The Founding Fathers /The Gargoyle of Broadway /The Glasford Song/ The Has-Beens / The Hero Complex /The Hookup/ The Last Adventure of Martin Finch /The Last Daze of Summer /The last Inmate /The Last Kincaid/ The Lavender Lady/ The Lugar Story confession /The Messiah Machine /The Middle Mile /The Miranda/ Warning /The Miscellaneous Table /The Mystic/ The Pit /The Promised Land/ The Propeller/ The Round Table /The Shadow Before/ The Silent Killer /The Speech Facility /The Theif /The Third Realm /The Tiolet paper chronicles /The Tunnel /The Waco Horror /The Worlds in shambles/ The Would Be's are in Anvil /The Wright Stuff /The Wrong Side of Providence/ Thicker than Water/ Those Eyes/ Thou Shall Not /Through the Window/ Time and Tide/ Tomboys/ Tooth Lake/ Torn/ Towing /Tragedy of the Commons/ Transplant /Tricycle /Truckers VS. Bikers/ Trust /Tweaker /Twentieth Century /Under the Table/ Unholy Silence/ Voices Carry Want and Curiosity /Warmth of Sunrise/ Weeki Wachee Girl/ Welcomce to Akron /Well Adjusted Boy /Wheat in chicago /When Duty Calls /White Loafers /Whitey /Widders /Winner /Wish Me Luck /Wish You Were Here /WONDER DRUG /Works of Art /Wrocklage /Young at Heart and Loins


I love the way this looks. I want to make movies that look like this (lighting, color, texture.) This is a gorgeous work of art.


The picture on the left is the whole work of art while the picture in the middle is the reflection in the mirror on the back wall (even the painter can be seen in the mirror.) Under the chandler there is something written, I can't tell what it is but it's really neat. The whole painting has these kinds of details and is only 18x24. Take heed the greatness of Jan Van Eyck.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I love woman and they have just as much of a right in the White House as men but this woman -- if I hear another Palin supporter tell me that they like her because she's a good speaker and PRETTY -- wow. Apparently looks can run a nation. About her being a good public speaker, she lies A LOT. Well, you should decide for yourself, take a look:

This woman could be our next president considering there is a high possibility McCain won't make it through his first term in office due to his old age, and in case you lost track McCain knows absolutely nothing!

WOW! THIS GUY IS WORSE THAN PALIN. Okay, don't vote for a black man but I'm not down with two idiots either. If you don't like Obama just stay away from the ballots.

Lastly if you are hung up on the idea that Obama is Muslim, please do some research. The man is a Christian. He may have had a Muslim father but he chose to be a Christian. You have to pick one, is he Muslim or are we going to condemn his CHRISTIAN church because of the remarks made by his former pastor.

As a reminder:

"What is it exactly that a VP does everyday?"


I was going to write a long rant on how much I dislike the woman but Matt says it best.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Four wheeler, dirt bike, snowmobile.


My new category: Stuff you don't need.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion Week Monique Lhuillier

In case you missed it. I like this stuff, very practical!

Governer Sarah Palin

Scares me. She's been in office (Governer of ALASKA of all places) for two years and now she is the next Vice Presidential candidate. She has this tendency to manipulate the truth into a believable lie (about a bridge that links two parts of Alaska. You know you're a newb when your scandal is labeled "A Bridge to Nowhere",) and shes HOT! I take that back. The hot part doesn't scare me, if someone has her number please let me know so I can ask her out. Is it just me or is this a political ploy to get McCain a leg up by pitting a female Vice President against a black male President. This is the most non-PC presidential race I have ever seen HAHA!

Palin on the cover of VOGUE!

The Gregory Id (Behind the scenes)

So in an attempt to quench your cinematic thirst I've posted some behind the scenes shots from our upcoming movie "The Gregory Id." We are nearing the end of post-production and I'm getting very excited, be sure to add us at for videos and information on the film. Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and interest and we look forward to seeing you at a festival in your town!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"It's Kwanza!"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Currently in Post Production!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

He'll Help You Draw Silly!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're The Problem With Change (or our infatuation with armageddon)

I don't know if you've heard but scientist recently began the largest scientific experiment in history. It is known as the Large Hadron Collider and cost them 5.8 billion dollars, what does it do, breakup atoms. Now this may sound like a safe enough experiment and you could compare the results to that of a nuclear power plant, but the LHC (as it was so affectionately nick-named) was a very controversial build. You see the possible side effect of turning this machine on was that the world as we know it would get sucked into a black hole and we would cease to exist.
Imagine waking up, getting ready for work, and in the middle of your morning coffee you find yourself being sucked into a vortex that originated in Meyrin, Switzerland. Now this isn't the first scare of that scale, there is Y2K as well and the upcoming 2012 fiasco in which the Mayan calender predicts the end of an age or, to half of the YouTube populous, the end of the world. Humans have been fascinated with the idea of Armageddon for ages and will continue to explore the idea up until the day the sun explodes or Christ comes back (choose your own ending, I choose Christ.)
So where am I going with this rant? I find it very interesting that our instincts give us this innate interest in the end of the world and at the same time a biological fear of change. If you look at the emotional responses to change you will see that people are terrified of it. Why is it that we would rather think about being sucked into a vortex than watching our friends leave for college? Why would we rather watch computers take over the world as opposed to having to get a new work schedule?
In my opinion there is something about growth that frightens us. There is a pain in growth, a certain amount of lose, and at the same time we seem to forget that their is a large amount of GROWTH in growth. The fact is we are entertained by the idea of a premature end to life (stunting of growth) and afraid of the catalyst to growth (change.) Next time, before you turn on the TV and hear about death, decay, and war, sit down and assess your own reaction to the growth you experienced. Find out if you embrassed change and I can assure you that the 15 minutes of self inspection will be much more challenging than the 30 minutes of evening news.

The picture is of the LHC in Meyrin, Switzerland.

Monday, September 1, 2008


"Morning from Yosemite," is what the text message to my family read at 7:03am Pacific time on Sunday morning. Saturday night myself and two friends set out on a death defying adventure to the Half Dome in Yosemite. We left Ventura at 7:00pm and arrived in Yosemite at 1:00am. At 1:30am we set off toward Half Dome.
The three of us hiked through the night and arrived at 6:30. I was cold, sore, tired, hungry, and at peace. I hadn't realized that I was in a slump until I left Ventura. I'm convinced there is a spirit of hopelessness and depression looming over California and possibly the entire US. It likes to trap you by making you believe there is "nothing to do" or that where you live is "the worst place ever." So from there you drink, or you do drugs, or you sit at home and watch TV and play video games all day.
The day I noticed it in my own life God showed me what I believe to be the spirit in my house. That night I couldn't sleep and was having weird dreams, the next morning I woke up and felt sick, God was prodding me. Thankfully I had agreed to go on this hike but as I got further from my house I began to feel sad, and scarred, and irritable, and anxious, and -- well -- HOPELESS, the spirit had begun to trap me.
By the time I had gotten to the top of the mountain God had freed me from that trap the hopelessness set for me. My body was feeling better, my mind was feeling clearer, and my soul was rejuvenated. While there God showed me that mountains are special, it is a place to find God and to feel close to him.
When Moses met with God and received the 10 commandments he went to the top of Mount Sinai where God had descended (Exodus 19:20.) When Abraham was to sacrifice his son, the Lord told him to take Issac to the top of one of the mountains in the region of Moriah (Genesis 22:2.) When Saul was to become king, the Lord told him that he would meet a group of prophets descending from the "high place" and that he would worship with them and prophesy with them (1 Samuel 10:5.) The list goes on and on and I can't help but to think that their something about finding a high place, high ground, somewhere to rise above the muck and debris that hovers in the air and just meet with God. Somewhere that is clean and pure often cold and windy but always refreshing.
The hike to the top is always hard, a mountain is the one place I can guarantee you will run into the most obstacles whether it's loosing your way on a trail or coming face to face with a bear or just being frightened when the sun begins to set and the darkness closes in, but a mountain path also most resembles your walk with Christ and when you reach those high points you are happy with yourself and thankful that God kept you safe.
Here's the catch you must acome down from the mountain. Saul had to come back and rule over Israel, Moses had to deliver God's message to the people, and Abraham had a family to tend to. When God has refreshed you and filled your spirit you must continue your work in the muck and filth and wait for the day when he takes you to the highest place the one place you don't have to come down from. My challenge to you: Find your high place, meet God there, let him rejuvenate you, and continue your work!