Sunday, May 10, 2009


Perhaps you know of Drake, the hip-hop RnB sensation. His music is sweeping across the underground airwaves and teenage girls are already addicted to his sensual lyrics and heavy hitting beats. The thing is this guy is JIMMY the kid from Degrassi. I didn't know much about the show but I did some research tonight and just as I thought -- THE SHOW IS TERRIBLE. I don't know how I feel about this guy anymore going from being the innocent, disabled, white washed (yet stereotypical) black kid in Degrassi to the sexually fueled musical artist he is today seems like a poor foresight on the side of P.R. department. Here is a scene from his show Degrassi entitled "Jimmy Walks!" How do you feel?


alleigh said...

i love drake. i swear i told you about him & the show degrassi. i love the show i love drake. you can't compare his acting to his music! he is amazing!

then again i may just be proving your stereotype of young girls being in love with him : )