Friday, May 1, 2009


So I'm watching the "Tyra Show" (DON'T JUDGE ME OVER THERE,) and a girl (14) is telling her mom that she has naked pictures on her myspace and she has had unprotected sex four times in a year AND NOW she might be pregnant. Ok my hands are over my eyes at this point and and I'm looking through the cracks in my fingers. This is worse than a REALLY scary movie! The mom is handling it pretty well, especially since its on TELEVISION, but everyone is blaming her I HATE IT!

"I think the trust level should go up not down" -Tyra (The Idiot) That was harsh, but I would expect everyone's trust to go down after hearing that rad news! GARSH!

P.S. Tyra keeps chiming in and making the worst comments that just smack the mom in the face with the reality of the situation!