Sunday, May 10, 2009


Is the movie I just bought. After seeing it the first time I literally fell in love with Rosario Dawson! I guess that's a sidebar (if your reading this Ms. Dawson I have a film I'd like you to act in about a marine who comes back from Iraq and has to commit an illegal act to protect her children the only way she knows how.) I saw this movie a while back (Christmas) it was great...NOW it's AMAZING. You may ask: Why do you like this movie Jordan? This is the epitome of love, when people fall in love this is what happens, it is a serious of arguments, and jokes, and insightful discussions that lead to the moment where you and the other person embrace and you just can't get close enough, it's like being chest to chest just isn't enough and the whole movie leads to this scene where I think that feeling is depicted perfectly. Because of the way the emotion is captured everything in the film is believable. It doesn't just feel real, it is real. If you haven't go see it, its in stores on DVD.