Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The title of this blog was stolen from the title of one of my favorite songs by the David Crowder Band. It truly is amazing how death has such a hold over us, me, I just decided I am going to speak for myself so, death has a hold over me. It has been about two months since I watched the season finale of House in which a Amber, who was on her death bed, was pulled out of her comma to say her goodbyes and die. I am still spinning over the effect that scene it had on my mind. One day, whether you like it or not, you will find yourself on the edge of life and death. You will look at your family (if you happen to be so lucky) smile (or frown depending on your relationship) and drift off into the last unknown. The idea of this is perplexing to me and I can't help but be slightly nervous. When I was young I remember asking my mom ( I don't know if she remembers) "How are you going to die?" she responded "I don't know, hopefully in my sleep." It wasn't until that moment that I realized dying in your sleep was possible. Up until then I thought I was going to be shot (it's so sad it's funny) I thought the only way a person could die was by being shot and as I look back on that day knowing what I know, I realize that the notion that a gun is the only thing that could kill me came from the idea that I was immortal. Human beings were meant to live forever and that is why death was so shocking to me. When God made the earth it was paradise, when he made us we were perfect, and then POOF we messed up, as is to be expected of any person who is tempted by the fruit bore on the tree of knowledge (in all seriousness you can't blame Adam and Eve you would have done the same thing.) As children we have these basic instincts A) There is a God B) Be true to your gut feelings C) You will never die/grow old. I am coming to the conclusion that as you get older you become wiser (tree of knowledge) and with that knowledge you realize death is necessary (whether you believe in heaven/hell or not) In which case know that time is a construct of the human mind and only serves as a form of bondage, God is timeless, time is not his invention, thus we are timeless and in a sense immortal so don't go by the saying "Live every day as if it were you last" instead make your motto "LIVE" for me "LIVE in CHRIST" and you'll find that day and night are not numbers passing on the digital ticker set atop your bedside table, it is Gods chance to give us full days of joy and full nights of rest and I believe if you live this way you'll find that death is not the end but the momentary inability to comprehend just before being ushered through the gates of heaven.


harry said...

so do all people go to heaven no matter what? If so what do we do with the notion of God has a law and all have broken it?

Deidra said...

I don't remember that, but I thought you might like to hear my new plan: Retire, sell our home and travel the country in a motor home. Sell the motor home and use the money to travel overseas. Come back to the US and buy a small cottage, near the ocean and my kids and their families. Spend quality time with them until there are no more memories to make. Eat an entire chocolate cake, lay my head on my pillow, and die peacefully in my sleep. Your dad says it rarely happens the way we plan, but a girl can dream, right?
You should read The Shack. I'd be curious to know what you think about it.