Tuesday, October 28, 2008


"One nation under God..." This line has caused a lot of drama over the past few years and I don't like to talk about stuff I don't have a solid viewpoint on, I just nod and act like I care about what the other person says, but I've finally come to a conclusion about this subject. Should God be allowed school? -- NO and yes! You're children have the right to say anything they want but the school, the administration DOES NOT! The VERY OLD CHRISTIAN MEN who founded this country created the idea of separation of church and state for a reason. America is a place where anyone should feel comfortable despite their religious affiliation. God is God but we need to be humble and understanding towards those who don't believe the same. No one ever brought a person to Christ willingly by "bible slapping." When we argue so hard for God to be incorporated into school we are doing nothing but pushing others away and they don't like it at all.
Schools have time before and after hours in which children can meet for prayer or bible study, your home is a place in which your kids can have friends over to discuss the bible and at this venue you can be there to supervise and listen to the problems your children are facing in school, but the classroom is not a place where teachers and/or principles should bible slap. Creationism and evolution should be taught side by side because if there's one thing I learned in high school its that science is the study of our world and while some things may be wrong a lot of it is right.
In the end it is not your schools job to educate your children on the teachings of Christ it is yours ad your church communities. The school is a place where your child and others children should feel comfortable, safe, and accepted and if your going to insist on Bible Slapping you should be aware that you are also insisting on making the school ground a breeding ground for segregation.
Let me reiterate, GOD IS GOD and he is good, but we need to understand people before we can reach them and being so intolerant as to make others feel uncomfortable in school is wrong. Your children are smart and a lot of them are standing up for their beliefs and don't need their teachers to reach out to their peers, just bring them up in the path God has set and he will use them to touch a MULTITUDE of people.


Tina said...

I absoluely agree with you on this one, Jordan. Pushing people into listening to something they may not be ready to hear never works.
Great post!