Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have never in all my life had my faith shaken so hard as the day I watched this thing online. My roommate Frank had been told to watch it by his boss at work so he starts watching it and comes in my room and tells me to look at it to see what I think. I go to the site ( WARNING: IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO HAVE YOUR FAITH FLIPPED ON ITS EARS DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE AND WATCH THE FILM!) I'm watching it and I feel this heavy spirit enter my room. After a few minutes of a man speaking on religion a narrator begins to speak about all of the similarities that christianity holds to all other religions that "preceded" it, most notably the egyptian religion in which the narrator compares Christ to Ra the Sun god. The similarities are astonishing, not only to Ra but to every other god figure in most cultures. Now the video is a good 20 minutes in and I am quaking, it continues by talking about why all of these religion's gods are so similar (i.e. born to a virgin, birthday of december 25, crucifixion, and on the third day resurrection, all of these gods have the same thing in common) saying that the religions are all based on astrology. The reason every god is born to a virgin on december 25 is because the three stars of orions belt also known as the three kings point to the top of Virgo the virgin who is holding a loaf of bread, loaf of bread in hebrew literally translates to Bethlehem where Christ was born. "WHAT?" I'M FREAKING OUT AT THIS POINT! Okay so why does every one of the gods have 12 disciples -- the 12 constellations, what about the crucifixion, it refers to the sun at its lowest point in the sky on december 22 and on december 25 (3 days later) it raises back to its normal position (or what some would call a resurrection) and the most obvious -- the Son of Man = Christ or our Sun. That's not even half of it, my jaw dropped, I was stunned, shaken, afraid, alone, scarred, and so much more. I questioned all night and all day today, doing nothing but research and looking for information on how to disprove these ideas and I have, I'm still a little shaken but my strongest argument is this: The entire idea of Jesus being the Sun and the bible being an astrological myth is based on the idea that Jesus was born on December 25, when in fact he was probably born sometime in September which throws off the whole idea of the three kings pointing to virgo placing Christ in Bethlehem on that day, that one fact has brought me comfort and made me realize just how crafty the devil is. He is a sly dude and there are a few swear words that describe him better. He has a silver tongue and if you think Sarah Palin is good at manipulating the truth you should listen to this guy. The other thing that brought me comfort is something I read by a Christ follower who had also watched the video. He said that this film actually made him trust God more, because if God made the stars whose to say they're not his sons story written for us in the sky, if all these other cultures had a Christ similar to ours it makes it more likely that there actually was a man called Jesus who came to deliver us from evil and bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. This video has some interesting conspiracy theories concerning 9/11 our economic stuff and much more, but the first half was trying and damaging and it has taken me 24 hours of research to see the devils hand in it and hear God's voice telling me to trust him and not listen to the lies. Satan is a manipulator, a deceiver, a twister of the truth, and comes as an angel of light, if you think he is a joke and won't trick you or is unable to get you caught up in his lies you need to get your head on straight, get in the WORD, and do your research so you don't find yourself in a situation like me where you're side-swiped by his forked tongue.


harry said...

check these passages out: psalm 19:1-4; John 8:42-46 emphsis Inc. 47; 10:7-18;