Sunday, October 12, 2008


"You have already made the choice, you are here to understand why you made it," these are the wise words of the Oracle to Neo (Thomas Anderson) in the second installment of the Matrix Trilogy. I think that this comment is a very true interpretation of what we call free will. The ongoing argument is " How can we have free will if God already knows what we're going to do." My first response to that question is that God doesn't see in time, he's sees all possible problems and resolutions, but then the question is asked "How can God be all knowing and not know what we will choose out of all of those solutions." This is where I got caught up until today. As I heard the line the Oracle spoke I realized that God does not interfere in any choice we make, he allows us to make that choice and either reap the benefit or suffer the consequence. Free will is not about God's interference but our chance to understand our own decision. From the beginning of time you had already made the decision to do what you were/are going to do, not God, when we get to the point at which we are to make that decision we must understand why we did what we did.