Friday, October 24, 2008


Okay, this is a totally God through me moment and I get these all the times and a lot of my blogs are like this but this one is really strong so I thought I'd share. First off you should know that this is a complete train of thought blog and I haven't planned anything out, God is typing through me it happens often, he's cool.

Okay, so I have been wrestling with the idea of Adam and Eve for about three days now and was planning on writing a blog that proved that knowledge is sin, but God is showing me that there is much more to the story of Adam and Eve than meets the eye. My first reaction to the story is that the fruit was a poison injecting us with sin, but God has showed me that the tree was merely a pawn. God doesn't do anything by accident, this is the first thing he has shown me. He does everything with a distinct divine purpose and the fact that he placed the tree bearing forbidden fruit in the center of paradise is no mistake.

The fruit did not infect us with sin, we were already infected. Before the serpent had tempted Adam and Eve they had a strain of sin lying dormant in their very core the serpent did not speak sin into them nor did the apple inject it into their being, the serpent only brought it to the surface and God was fully aware that this would happen. God did not punish Adam and Eve for gaining knowledge, in fact he clothed them by killing an animal (the first death written about in the Bible.) He punished them for going against his wishes.

Knowledge of Good and Evil - Everyone is born with a basic instinct, what is good and what is bad. This is because of the tree, our knowledge, allowed us to see what we were doing was either good or bad. Now we do not need God to tell us whether or not to do something we can decide for ourselves, which explains the rift created when Adam and Eve ate from the tree. Before we had the knowledge ourselves we had to be told that this ONE THING (THE TREE) was bad. After Adam and Eve ate from the tree, they knew they were naked and were ashamed and the need for God to tell us what was good and what was evil was eliminated, creating a rift between us.

Free will - When we ate from the tree our sin took over, and we were able to make our own decision, against the instruction God had given us. Which, I believe is the birth of free will, in order to make our own decisions we must be confronted with both a holy decision and a sinful decision and choose which part of our core to side with, the holly side or the sinful side.

So if God despises sin why would it be embedded in our makeup? I believe that God despises sin because it separated us from him, it made us want to go against his wishes and deny him but it was also necessary. Because God loved us more than anything of his own free will, he wanted us to experience the same thing for him. If we had not let sin take over we would be slaves to the holy side and we would love God because it is the only thing we know. In order for us to feel what God feels for us we had to be confronted with a choice, our sinful side or our holy side. When God put the tree in the garden he gave us the chance to truly love him and that is why when you accept Christ heaven rejoices, because you have conquered the most daunting obstacle.

Love is not free, or easy, and sometimes it isn't fun and God set the standard. He put one of the greatest obstacles in our way to ensure that we would feel true love, sin. This message doesn't mean go out and sin it means when you choose not to sin you are loving God, you are freely choosing to give yourself to God as much as he gives himself to you, and that is a beautiful thing.

There's a lot more that i believe God has shown me, like is God tempted by sin, did he make sin, is the devil consumed by sin or sin itself? It's a lot to write so maybe I'll break this blog up into a few parts and address each one of these questions a week.