Thursday, December 4, 2008


Good stories aren't as funny to tell so this will be a little short. I was turning 12, we lived in Connecticut and my mom took me out to McDonald's for my birthday, that was most definitely a treat back in the day (they wouldn't let me put salt on my French Fries STUPID!) But she and I got some food and I would get like a number one and she would get a hamburger happy meal with nothing on the hamburger, whatever that tastes like, and we both got a coke and IT WAS GOOD COKE (COCA COLA PEOPLE GEEZE!) Like the kind that tickles in your throat when you drink it, so we had this thing from then on where if the coke was good we would tickle our throat (I feel so wack telling this story.) To this day I still do that and it reminds me of my mom. THERE WOMAN ARE YOU HAPPY -- I'm kidding I love you.


Deidra said...

Thanks. That one made me smile. And feel free to tell others like that whenever the spirit hits you!