Friday, December 19, 2008


Started today and I don't feel Christmas at all, there's like this rush right now, I'm moving AGAIN, finishing three movies, writing two others, and doing budgets for a couple on the side. There was this lull in the middle of the day, I was in my car with my homey Kyle (my editor) and it was completely silent. For the past six months he and I have been making hour trips to LA and Ventura to meet, edit, and brainstorm. In that silence I looked over to him and said "Man, I'm relaxed." I haven't felt like that in months, I'm up till 7am working on something, wake up somewhere between 10am and 2pm and go, go, go! When you spend time with your family this season be sure to make them and their company your gift to yourself, don't answer your phone at dinner or flick on the television during a group storytelling session (which often turns into hilarious family jokes) just take it in and remember "Where ever two or three are gathered together in my name I am in there midst." (Matthew 18:20.)


alleigh said...

i CAN NOT wait to have you home : )