Monday, December 1, 2008


Adam had a sick little wish list and I realized sometimes it's just fun to say what you want out loud even if you know you can't have it this year...or ever.

1. A new car (Mini Cooper)
2. A director's viewfinder.
3. $40,000 to make a short film
4. A whole new wardrobe (I finally got my style together, and while I am fly regardless now I can be twice that)
5. A trip to Europe
6. A sit down with Kanye West in hopes of shooting his next music video (All I need is a sit down, I'm that good)
7. In this place I would write a year's worth of free gas BUT GAS IS $1.87 never thought I'd see the day THANKS GEORGE BUSH FOR RUINING OUR ECONOMY! YAY!
8. A meaningful date with world renowned super model Adriana Lima (left.)
9. A job out of college
10. And a get out of debt free pass!

Well we'll see what God can do, in the meantime, I've got a pretty BAD ASS family (pardon my French, sometimes thats the only way you can describe something you love so much) JESUS, LOVE, and a little bit of LUCK, that's all you need right? .........RIGHT!


alleigh said...

remember when i said i loved you?

well you're pretty BAD ASS yourself

not going to lie, i just want to say the word : )

Deidra said...

Oh my goodness! What is going on????

Deidra said...

A bar of soap for each of you at Christmas!


HAHAHAHAH -- alex you are gonna be in trouble!