Saturday, December 6, 2008


Because Nebraska was terrible -- that's the short answer. I have no problem with the church, with the body of Christ, but I do have a problem with church, the establishment. I believe that the church is open to change in all ways, that it is not a tree rooted deep in the soil unwilling to budge but it is a feather in the wind blown by the holy spirit. Now if you haven't been paying attention to the world lately, God is getting a pretty bad rap for being up tight, unsympathetic, and mean, and if you've ever been to one of those churches that is not the body but an establishment, you know why.

Now I blame it on Nebraska because while I was in the bible belt I met a bunch of "christians" who were ritualistic, not that they didn't believe but they weren't challenging themselves. When you get to the point in your faith where you can say I'm comfortable you can expect your world to take a drastic turn, and the question shouldn't be am I going to move when God pushes me, it is where am I going to go.

When my Dad said to me, "Jordan, this is your chance, do you think we should do this?" I said "Your going to do what your going to do." I MEAN COME ON SERIOUSLY HE KNEW I DIDN'T WANT TO MOVE and he knew that I wasn't going to say no, we'd had conversations about that situation for months on end. SO WHY DID I GO, because if I didn't God was going to Jonah me and I'd wind up in the stomach of some fishlike obstacle, did I like it? No. Did I learn? Yes. (Do I care if I learned? We won't go there.) I came out of Nebraska with a way better understanding of how people work, think, and act, and if I hadn't let God do that the lesson wouldn't be there.

I say this because one day God is going to ask you if you did what he asked and when you look at him and answer your going to want to be able to say yes, regardless of how, frustrating, exciting, or impossible the situation was.


Deidra said...

I'm glad you wrote about that. But now that you're not in Nebraska anymore, what are you going to blame it on?